TITAN supports sustainability and respect for the environment

A new production line, Titan Cadence, is making changes to their Spanish companies to ensure that they follow new laws of sustainability and respect for the environment made by the EU.

Respect for the environment has become a main focus for TITAN’s production in their new line CADENCE which focuses on being ecological. The company has gained certificates of ecological quality and excellence, Aenor and ISO 9001 for their work on this.

The company’s products have become top of the market and design as they are able to maintain a high quality whilst also improving ideas of this form of production and revealing the importance of making products that are not damaging the environment. TITAN strictly control the changing of their technology by looking at potential impacts on the environment before they do anything.

Recent EU laws have put restrictions on the number of solvents that are released into the atmosphere, as well as production of new ones. From this TITAN have improved the products themselves and the production processes to make them more respectful to the environment, particularly by the reusing and recycling of used materials. They want to continue making this their priority.

The company have attempted to make their new environmental rules public by making a picture which contains very little Organic Volatile Products and releases few emissions from dangerous substances. The picture has been named Titanlux CADENCE and it agrees with the Ecolabel Certification and A+ Certification for quality made by the EU.

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