Foreign Investment drops in Catalonia

Foreign Investment drops in Catalonia whilst it increases in Madrid and the Basque country. Since the October 1 referendum, foreign investment has seen a decrease in Catalonia. In 2017, it lost close to 40% of foreign investment. Madrid saw an improvement of 25%. The community of Madrid harvested last year 14,521 million which places it […]

Barcelona tourism. They launch an observatory to manage it!

Barcelona Tourism is a hot topic. The city wants to manage it now. Metropolis office – its Diputació and Turisme departments – plan to share data with citizens. It has to help with their decision-making. The City Council, Diputació and the consortium Turisme de Barcelona have promoted the Observatorio del Turisme de Barcelona in order to generate quantitative […]

Thousands of citizens protest against “Mass Tourism” in the Rambla de Barcelona

“Barcelona is not for sale”- organised movement protest in the market of La Boqueria This past January, thousands of people protested in the streets of Rambla under the motto “Barcelona is not for sale”. The FAVB (Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos de Barcelona), together with 60 organisations, organised the rally. This brought together different sets of activists: housing, work, […]

50% tax help for poorer residents

50% tax help for poorer residents Barcelona has started subsidies for less economically stable families. The ‘Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles’ (IBI) will offer families help by paying 50% of their taxes. 3.5 million euros is going to be put towards the scheme which will help around 20,000 households. Gerardo Pisarello, the first lieutenant of the […]

JxSí and CUP organise a referendum for September 2017

JxSí and CUP organise a referendum for September 2017 The political groups JxSí and CUP have agreed to a referendum for Cataluña’s independence in September 2017. This has come as a result of demands made by the president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, for the parties to discuss matters face-to-face instead of confronting one another. He […]

Barcelona Global Challenge

Barcelona can become a global reference point for sustainability, innovation and social development! Barcelona, although one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, has an opportunity to become a global reference point for sustainability, innovation and social development. The general assembly of Barcelona recently appointed a new President and declared that they […]

Taking La Rambla Back for Locals

There is no electoral program, right or left-handed, or city government that does not include in its master plan the idea of “taking back La Rambla for the Barcelonians.” With so many empty promises and phrases devoid of meaning this topic certainly deserves discussion at the podium.