Alcácer signed to FCB whilst Munir transfers to Valencia

The 23-year-old forward, Paco Alcácer, has recently been signed by Barcelona football club for 5 seasons. The club paid 30 million euros to Valencia FC, the player’s previous team.

Alcácer was on the point of ending his contract with his previous team, Valencia FC, for who he played 119 matches in total, including the League, FA cup, Champions League and European League, and scored 43 goals. Recent statements have said that the player will appear publicly after his agreements with Valencia have finished.

He said that the decision to join Barcelona was an obvious one that he could not turn down, as it is a bigger team with more opportunities to play, more matches to play and the possibility of winning titles which is what he is most excited about. This decision also increases his ways to improve as a player. Every player wants to do the best in his sport and this was his option. Also, he is aware that people need time when moving clubs, in order to adapt, trust the manager, learn to train with different people and then improve.

Both the player and the Valencia club have said that this was a good decision, but not before the footballer mentioned that he owes everything to the club and in his heart he will always be Valencian. He claims that because he was honest with the club he will leave in on good terms, however he is aware that he may lose fans because of his decision. He knows that fans will criticise him for his actions but he says that they need to respect his decision to leave the team but also continue to support.

In his place, Munir has moved to Valencia FC. This announcement was made only a few minutes after the signing of Alcácer. The club paid FCB 12 million euros for the player and have said that the contract does not mean that FCB will be able to buy Munir back in future.

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