Thanks to the support of the PSC and the abstention of other groups, Colaus’s plan to freeze tourist flats was approved!

Ada Colau has gotten away with it again. Yesterday the opposition allowed her to approve her plan to freeze tourist flats, which involves Apartur, the main employers in the sector. Thanks to the support of the PSC and the abstention of other groups, except the PP which voted against, the opposition fully validated the plan of the municipal government yesterday, although it accused Colau and her team of subjecting them to “blackmail”.

On May 3 the last moratorium on the licensing of tourist apartments expires. If the plan were to be rejected, this would have produced a massive influx of applications for new licenses awaiting approval, expected in July, of the plan which regulates the sector as a whole, a situation that the opposition was also not willing to allow. CiU, C´s y Esquerra Republicana reluctantly admitted to having voted, while the CUP defended a city free of tourist apartments. The PSC, however, was in favor of give “a vote of confidence” to Colau and her councilors.

Apartur, which includes 70% of tourist apartments of the city, questioned the ways of Colau, and lamented the lack of debate with those affected “without public inquiry or possibility of raising allegations,” said its president, Enrique Alcantara. The opposition also approved opening shops on Sundays in May and October to take advantage of the expected arrival of cruise passengers.

Source: D.C., Expansión
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