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Sustainable map of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Sustainable map of Barcelona

This Sustainable Map of Barcelona is an interactive map of the city. This map is a project in which the city of Barcelona created it together with the citizens and various organizations. Moreover, the main goal was to improve the urban environment of the city and at the same time to highlight the sustainable activities and initiatives. In the same vein, the map shows initiatives and resources that help to improve the urban environment, build a fairer and more inclusive social structure and enrich the community and neighborhood fabric.

The sustainable development of Barcelona

Since 1995, the city council of Barcelona approved the Aalborg letter; that was concerned with creating the principles of sustainable development. Subsequently, the number of principles is growing day by day, with the contributions made by institutions, citizens, companies and entities.

Sustainable map of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

After an extensive process of more than 10 years, involving more than 800 organizations and an extensive network of people working together to achieve specific shared goals; the agenda 21 was created, marking the citizen commitment to sustainability and the pursue for a better city. These initiatives are classified in different areas such as: trade, sustainable service, organizations and companies.

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Throughout this process new ideas were created, together with actions and opinions of what is best for the city and action plans. All citizens have launched collaborative projects during the process. Unlike other projects, a large network of engaged citizens participated, all working collaboratively with institutions, organizations and the City of Barcelona.

Each initiative takes a different theme such as trade, tourism or environmental education. The categories can be found for example in restaurants where the food has been grown in a sustainable way and bought with collaborative purchases; or environmental workshops where people learn how to take care of the environment and contribute to the project.

About the Sustainable map of Barcelona

This map is an interactive virtual tool that shows initiatives and resources that help to improve the urban environment of the whole city of Barcelona. Moreover, it represents a unique opportunity for raising the profile of the contribution in improving the city. The Sustainable map of Barcelona is the citizen meeting point; further promoting together the sustainability in the city, like a social network of our natural and social heritage.

In addition, the map offers you practical information on sustainable green points throughout the city. Such as ecological shops, social and solidarity economy companies, schools with environmental projects, vertical gardens, green roofs, second-hand product shops; community and self-management spaces, green points and any of the more than 3000 points. The points that are show on the map go through a collaboratively citizen and workshop selection participatory processes, for their inclusion in the Map. On the other hand, itineraries are also being made for the city’s various neighborhoods.

Sustainable map of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Practical information of the Sustainable map of Barcelona

As said before, the objective of the project is to ‘encourage citizen’s responsible behavior’. Here you can find information regarding the agenda of the next programs. In the same vein, get to know the participants; such as Teva house, Green map, Society of Catalunya environmental education and the city of Barcelona, among others.

Some of the locations are these:

The Sustainable map of Barcelona us open to all. Overall aims to give the citizens the opportunity to participate in the Project; and especially to raise the awareness about responsible behavior and respect for the cultural and natural heritage. To know more about this project you can get more information here: www.bcnsostenible.cat

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