The cluster of the technological and digital sector is looking for a second office to settle.

Last Spring, Barcelona Tech City finally achieved its dream to build its own main office in Palau de Mar. Pier 01 is in charge of providing international appeal for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Though the operations in Pier 01 began last May, plans of expanding in new locations are already commencing.

After deciding to expand the business, Barcelona Tech City opened a register for new partnerships requests. This quickly gained a lot of requests from start-up businesses, local and international companies; occupying another 13.000m2. 

The idea Barcelona Tech City wants to achieve is to build a “tech harbor”; a technological zone of international attraction situated by the sea. Potential choices were areas such as the Imax, History Museum of Catalunya and spots near the World Trade Centre. Alternatively, the business plans to build an office on a ship near Nova Bocana. Additionally, all these lands are situated and owned by the Port of Barcelona.

Tech City explains that they’re still looking at different locations though there’s still nothing official.  Barcelona Tech City’s CEO Miquel Marti stated “Having a main office in an area such as the Port of Barcelona is a major boost for the city, making it an international hub in the techno-industry

Pier 01

Barcelona Tech City grew to become one of the biggest tech-association in Europe.

Barcelona Tech City currently cooperates with companies mainly working in the digital industry, both national and multinationals . The association is established in 2012 by the greatest technical and digital companies of Barcelona. At this moment, it is the cluster of the digital and technological sector, counting 360 members in total.

Designed and constructed in 1881, Pier 01 was built as a port warehouse; with a surface of 10.000 m2. It has become an important monumental landmark in Barcelona. The building has an Industrial, “Silicon Valley” style and is located  between the port and the beach. Pier 01 has grown into one of the biggest homes for entrepreneurs in Europe.

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