Rent and unlock a bike near you in just a few clicks with the Donkey Republic mobile app!

Barcelona is a city where the bikes utilization rates and proper infrastructure is increasing and reinforced, turning the city in an urban bike-friendly area. Besides the several bike rental companies in Barcelona, Donkey Republic is the new and easiest way to get a rental bike in Barcelona. You only need your phone and the Donkey Republic App to get your ride and discover the city in a fast, green and enjoyable way!

Donkey Republic is a Copenhagen-based startup business that is building a global bike rental platform, aiming to turn the bicycle into the hero of public transportation. The start up was founded in 2014 when it developed an electronic lock and an app to command it, as well as a booking engine and a user-centered rental flow.
Their system is now available in over 15 countries, 57 cities like Copenhagen, Madrid, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Oxford, Budapest and London with a total of 2875 bikes around the world, expanding massively in 2017, to allow travelers to rent a Donkey bike wherever they go.

In Barcelona, you can find at the moment 150 bikes all around the city, but that number will increase quickly to 550 at the end of March and up to 700 in June. In collaboration with Barcelona-home, the increasing number of bikes will be positioned in the same streets of all our apartments.

You don’t have to think too much about how to move during your stay, you just have to enjoy the sun and the wind caressing your hair when riding to the Gothic Quarter or to Barceloneta Beach!

So how can you rent a Donkey Republic bike?

This is very easy! With the Donkey Republic app, you can book and find the bike that is nearest to your hotel or apartment. The Donkey Republic app is available both for iOS and Android systems and on their website

The app will help you to locate and unlock your bike by connecting via Bluetooth to the electronic lock placed on the bike. The great thing about this app is that you don’t need internet on your phone or docking stations, cash, ID  or deposits, rental shop staff or opening hours to access a bike as many time as you want. From that moment you are absolutely free to set up your trip on two wheels!

You can rent a maximum of 5 bikes together from 2,50€, for a minimum of 2 hours up to a maximum of 150 days.
During your period of rental you can leave and lock your bike anywhere, the only condition is that the bicycle must be returned to the same place where you have found it. This near your apartment allowing you to discover the city in the most comfortable way. In case you are not able to return the bike to its original spot, you will need to place it in a nearby parking area and contact or send an e-mail to the customer service in English to inform them about the situation. Furthermore, it would be very helpful to screenshot the location of the bike through Google Maps.

  • Customer service number: +34 518 888 731
  • E-mail:

Watch this video to better understand how easy is to unlock your donkey republic bike!

If we can give you an advice, we will say that organizing your own Barcelona bike tour is the best thing you could do here. In facts, with the Donkey Republic Bikes, you can organize your own tour around specific points of interests or a roll free exploration of each barrio at the same time.
You can find a lot of inspiration in our blog to create the best routes for you, but don’t forget to also check out the Spanish cycling rules before you get on a rental bike.

There are many benefits waiting for all our Barcelona-home clients. As a matter of fact, Donkey Republic offers a 30% discount if you rent a bike with the promo code “BCNHOME”.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock your nearest bike and experience Barcelona as much as you can!


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