Ibiza and Marbella have the most expensive hotels while Zaragoza and Torrevieja are the cheapest destinations!

Spanish hotels increased their prices for the second consecutive year by 4% in 2015, reaching 109 euros, while rates worldwide rose 1 % to 111, according to the Hotel Price Index (HPI) of Hoteles.com. Ibiza and Marbella are destinations where guests have paid the most for their accommodations, compared to Zaragoza and Torrevieja, where they paid less.

Spain is, nevertheless, still considered a destination that offers excellent value for money. Of the 40 Spanish destinations included in the HPI, average prices fell in 7, remained unchanged in 3 and increased in 30, although none exceeded a 10% increase.

In fact, more than half of the 40 analyzed destinations offered an average price below 100 euros, such as Sevilla (average 93), Valencia (average of 84) and Granada (80 euros), the reason why Spain remains an excellent choice for European travelers. The Community of Madrid, thanks to the record in the number of its visitors, has obtained one of the best results with a rise of 9% to reach 102 euros, the same percentage as Valencia and Lanzarote, with an average of 84 and 104 euros.


Two beach vacation options top the list of destinations where guests paid most in 2015. In the Balearic Islands, Ibiza tops the list with an average of 171 euros per night, although this figure only represents a rise of 1%. Mallorca for its part has not undergone changes in prices and has maintained its average of 132 euros. On the Costa del Sol, Marbella ranks second in the table of prices with a 6% growth compared to 2014 and a price of 152 euros. In the same area, Malaga registered an increase of 5% to 91 euros, and Estepona increased by 2% reaching 147 euros.

Although the dollar appreciated in 2015, this does not discourage the Spaniards, and the United States continues to lead the list of their favorite destinations. New York, San Francisco and Chicago have been the cities where Spanish travelers have paid most for one night’s accommodation, with increases of 9%, 14% and 17% respectively. Not in vain North America has been the main driver of the overall increase recorded in 2015, as it is the only region to increase their prices, up to 3% with an average of 119 euros per night.

Source: Noticias de Hoteles / Estadísticas Informes
Photo Credit: hotelmalagacentro.com