A woman claims that she is the daughter of famous Catalan painter Salvador Dali and the judges in Madrid allowed exhumations on Salvador Dali

A judge of Madrid has ordered the exhumation of the body of Salvador Dalí to determine if the artist is the biological father of Pilar Abel Martínez. The woman, born in Figueres in 1956 and daughter of a single mother, knew that its father was the famous Catalan painter since she was eight years, according to her story.

The body of Salvador Dalí was buried in the Dalí Theater-Museum of Figueres after his death on January 23, 1989, and as there are no biological remains or personal objects on which to practice the test by the National Institute of Toxicology, The court of first instance number 11 in Madrid admitted the application for paternity test through the exhumation of the corpse Of Dalí, that “could take place in this month.”

Pilar Abel who works as a reader of the tarot cards on Girona’s television, argues that the painter had a clandestine relationship with his mother in Cadaqués when he worked as an employee of a family that spent seasons in that town. The judge has determined that the exhumation of the remains must be carried out to go through out the paternity test, after the suit was admitted for processing in April 2015.

Spain is famous for creating art crafts due to their intelligent and talented artists, such as Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Salvador Dali… and this last one is definitely one of the famous Catalan painters with a lot of fans, also really important in the Spanish society as for example, the previous Monarch of Spain, Juan Carlos I. Looking backward to Salvador Dali’s life, his was living with art, and famous on expressing Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism. During his life, he painted a lot of spectacular, stunning and notable work, such as The Persistence of Memory in 1931, Soft Constructions with Boiled Beans in 1936, and Swans Reflecting Elephants in 1937.

Salvador and Gala Dali

Cadaqués: the place that he never forgets







During his life, Gala Dali was Salvador Dali’s wife during his whole life and was the most import person in his life. Gala Dali was born in Kazan, Russia. Their marriage was full of controversies among Dali’s family because of the age of Gala Dali. Gala Dali is older than Salvador Dali by 10 years. However, Salvador claimed that his wife is his ‘Muse’ and that she could calm him down and brought him different kinds of new ideas. She helped Salvador Dali connect his talent and the world. Their marriage was successful and sweet without any doubt. In 1982, Gala Dali passed away. Salvador Dali was so upset and ‘lost his passion for living’. He finally passed away in 1988. No matter how people defend him, one thing is true – He is one of the notable representatives on behalf of Catalunya.

We should bet... What do you think, is she the real daughter of Dali? Anyway, also from the grave, he appears to let us talk about himself and not just about his art.

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