No more taxis in a city like Barcelona? Impossible!

Because of the modernisation of public transport, taxis are getting neglected and less used. For this reason, the board of Barcelona sat together to plea for a new rule whereby people can share a taxi. City Hall, the Metropolitan Taxi Institute (IMET) and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) are currently identifying the measure with an eye towards the modernisation of the public service by still being competitive to the new technologies.

Besides the possibility to share a taxi, they are also thinking about fixed prices from and to popular spots such as from Plaza Catalunya or Plaza Espanya to the airport. In this way, people will be ensured that they don’t pay too much.  But this measure is a bit more difficult because of the taxi law. That’s why the government needs to wake up and make this possible. But at the moment it seems like they are considering it, which will help by integrating this rule.

The WBA also approved a document with a proposal about the most important requirements of the taxi chauffeurs in which they liberalize the sector. This implies the multiplied licensing conditions of rental vehicles with driver, realizing that the taxi is a public service that must be regulated by the government to ensure the rights of the users. And this principle must also be used to modernize the sector. Otherwise, there is no future.

Another way to stimulate the taxi use is to make the price system easier to avoid doubts among the people which will attract more clients. Thereby, it is important to make new campaigns that will stimulate the people to keep using the taxi. It is also substantial for the government to keep working on the improvement of the traffic in the city. The convenience of the use of cabs and a better integration between the taxi and public transport are also work point.

Although the city offers great public transport services, there is still a need for taxis because a lot of places aren’t easily reachable by bus or metro. And a touristic city like Barcelona can’t live without taxis. So, the possibility of sharing the taxi will ensure the fact that there are still enough cabs to use. In this way, the city will keep its high amount of available cabs.

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Source: La Vanguardia