The International Space Station was visible for a few minutes above Barcelona

On the last day of January, Barcelona witnessed a spectacularly unique event in the sky. At a rapid speed of 28 thousands km/hour, The ISS (International Space Station) crossed the Catalan Capital, leaving a luminous trail behind it. As the station flies over earth at an altitude of 400 km, most people around the world can see it.

Despite the fact that Barcelona has high levels of light pollution, the luminous trail was still visible at naked eyes.  The great weather condition and the positioning of the station also created a perfect scenario above the city.

The Italian astronaut Ignazio Magnani twitted ISS’ arrival to Spain hours before reaching Barcelona, giving people the opportunity to witness the extraordinary moment. After the visit, ISS revealed stunning images of the Catalonian city illuminated by street lights; together with other cities in the Iberian peninsula, such as Madrid, Valencia as well as the Portughese capital Lisbon.


Barcelona from up above

Barcelona, just like other popular cities in the world, uses a large amount of light energy in the street. As a result ,it is quite easy to spot from the International Space Station. Out of all the districts in Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya is the brightest, thanks to the large concentration of light used by the high street stores.

A few days prior to this event, The French astronauts Thomas Pesquet shared remarkable pictures of the morning view of Barcelona. Though the station was 400 km of altitude away from earth, Pesquet still succeeded to capture Barcelona’s streets in detail. By zooming in the pictures, it’s very easy to spot places such as La Rambla, Plaça Catalunya and the airport.

Together with Pesquet, five more astronauts are part of the Expedition 50 crew. Thanks to them, we are able to see great parts of earth aboard of the International Space Station.


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