Walk through some of the most striking names that, from fashion to interior and graphic design, keep the city at the forefront of aesthetics!

Discover the true artistic gems of Barcelona through its interior, graphic design and fashion, and you will appreciate Barcelona in a new, groundbreaking way. BCN Design Tour is a guided tour that highlights the most artistic and creative sides of Barcelona. The guide allows you to indulge in everything the Catalan city has to offer from a design point of view: clothes, interior, and graphic design.

In the last 25 years, the city has become one of the favorite bases for architects, designers, photographers, illustrators and creative professionals from all over the world who, together with the existing talent and heritage of universal artists, Gaudí, Miró, Tàpies or Brossa, have made of the design one of its signs of identity. All elements are now combined and interacting to draw the style of an international brand.

It is not a novelty, that nearly every city in the world, at a certain point, suffers from a common illness: “The tendency towards a certain homogeneity caused by globalization,” that impacts negatively on the personality of each city, and industries such as fashion and design. In fact, Maria Baixauli, the manager of BCN Design Tour, states that the closing of the historic and well-known design shop Vinçon (a company specialized in the contemporary design of homeware products) was a great loss for Barcelona. The shop opened to the public in 1941 in the famous shopping street Passeig de Grácia, but saw its last costumers in 2015, however, other sites such as AOO, RS Barcelona, Domestico Materia Shop or Earthling still breathe its designs and allow clients to catch a glimpse of Vinçon’s style.

But with a more optimistic tone, Baixauli also detects a revival of the sector: the design studio AOO was established in Barcelona in 2013, and is a designer furniture shop that is specialized in the wooden material. Known for its high-quality products, you will find everything from chairs to pallets ranging in designs from artisanal to industrialists. Every year the showroom presents new designs and collections that will leave you in awe of their products. Some of the furniture is made by craftsmen in Mallorca adding more character to the furniture. Another design studio that delivers unique pieces in central Barcelona is Apparatu, a pottery workshop and family business, which design showroom surely won’t leave you disappointed.

Not only is Barcelona a hub for interior and graphic design: it is also a great fashion metropolitan city. Barcelona’s style and modernity has made the Catalan city famous across the world for being a style mecca. It has become a great destination for fashion lovers, fashion schools, and innovative clothing design. One fashion designer that stands out in Barcelona’s fashion history is Andrés Sardà, who in 1962 created a lingerie company to offer high-end garments. Recently the company was named Designer of the Year at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. The Spanish great sense for fashion is further proved in the Global Language Monitor’s ranking of world fashion capitals based on web mentions, with Barcelona scoring 5th place of the list.


André Sardá Shop

If you want to have some numbers: 1,700 fashion businesses operate in Barcelona, employing 100,000 people and generating revenues of about €13bn a year. Barcelona has long been a source of inspiration for fashion, with people from Paris turning to the city for new ideas. The fact that Mango, Zara and Stradivarius, among other shops, are Spanish-based might also confirm the successful fashion designers that Spain holds of.

It might no longer come as a surprise that Barcelona is a city of design. The city of Gaudí moreover offers breathtaking architecture, which certainly adds to Barcelona’s great image of art. Simply by walking around the city, you will discover that the Gothic quarters, El Raval and El Born among other areas, all breathe this authentic design and sense of style.

During your stay in the city, you will feel for sure the sensation that Barcelona will always wrap you around its finger; day and night!

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