Barcelona can become a global reference point for sustainability, innovation and social development!

Barcelona, although one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, has an opportunity to become a global reference point for sustainability, innovation and social development. The general assembly of Barcelona recently appointed a new President and declared that they won’t miss this chance to enhance the Barcelona brand as part of the Barcelona Global Challenge.

The Barcelona Global Challenge aim is to attract both talent and economic activity to the Catalan capital. The new President, Gonzalo Rodés a lawyer with a background in investment banking, and his non-profit organisation are committed to furthering the cities entrepreneurial spirit. Focusing on a “global not local mentality“, Mr Rodés and the board wish to further coordinate the cities brand ambassadors to promote Barcelona all over the world.

As part of the Barcelona Global Challenge the organisation will aim to position the city and promote both its culture, calendar of spectacular events and economic competitiveness to the rest of the world. As part of this strategy the assembly will continue to invest in new and exciting projects to further develop the city as well as identifying the key challenges for the region.


Barcelona is already one of the world’s leading tourist, trade fair and cultural centres. With a robust economy it has a huge influence on fashion, science, the arts and commerce. Ranked within the top forty (40) cities in the world for GDP (Gross Domestic Product) it is already economically powerful bringing in over €170 billion a year. As a smart city utilizing ICT (Information & Communication Technology) to manage its assets and networks, Barcelona is dedicated to improving the quality of life for its residents and improving the efficiency of its services. The city and its extensive transportation network, alongside its emblematic port and bustling airport, already provide locals and tourists with fantastic services.

The challenge for the city, and for Mr Rodés and his team, is to further enhance and develop Barcelona`s glowing reputation. One thing is for certain, Barcelona will continue to act as a reference point for other European cities and the aim now is to overtake some of the world’s other global icons.