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    In here, you can find all the best places and services in Barcelona. Plan you trip while consulting our blog, and enjoy your stay in this beautiful city!

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona

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The Best Sushi Restaurants in Barcelona Sushi has become a common concept in the recent years, and nowadays everyone seems to like it as well! Sushi originally comes from the southeast of Asia where it is known today as narezushi. Throughout ...

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One-day trip from Barcelona

One day trip from Barcelona

Barcelona is a big city with lots of things to do, but when you prefer to go out of the city there are multiple possibilities as well. Outside of Barcelona there are many different activities you can do for a ...

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5 Best Churros Places in Barcelona

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Best Churros Places Barcelona Churros? Churros! No one can travel or stay in Spain without having nice churros with hot melted dark chocolate, regardless of the time of the day, even it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Especially, in the ...

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The Best Jazz Bars in Barcelona

Jazz bars barcelona

Barcelona, the beating heart of Jazz music. The International Jazz Festival in Barcelona certainly has a hand in this, this festival goes on all year round and every week you can enjoy some of the best concerts. With help from ...

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Rooftops in Barcelona

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With summer at our doorstep, the time is approaching to get into those bikinis and slip into something to keep you cool throughout the hot days and nights. Drinks at the beach, bars, chiringuitos are all welcomed, but more than ...

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3 Ways To Explore El Raval

Explore El Raval

They say Barcelona is a city built over another city, a mix of different cultures and edification. The district of Ciutat Vella is a good example of that — from El Gòtic to El Raval, you can quickly see how ...

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5 Facts About El Raval Neighborhood

5 facts about Raval neighborhood

If Raval neighborhood was a person, we could say that he has two personalities. Indeed, in the North of Raval, it will be his bright side with the Boqueria market, the MACBA’s fascinating collections, the Palau Guell and the art ...

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Best Picnic Spots in Barcelona

Best Picnic Spots in Barcelona

Summer is around the corner and warmer days are already here. Yes to beach walks, sangrias and tapas outdoors! Barcelona is one of the best cities to chill under the sun. So what about packing a lunch and enjoy it ...

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Best amusement parks in Barcelona

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Are you looking for the ultimate kick? Do you love the feeling of adrenalin in your streaks? Amusement parks in Barcelona are a great activity for you and your friends. And of course, when visiting Barcelona you don’t have to ...

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Top 3 best salsa clubs in Barcelona


Are you associating salsa clubs with Spain? So do we. In Barcelona, you can go out for salsa 365 days a year if you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a full-blooded professional, salsa is for everyone. ...

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