Industry Week Barcelona

Barcelona welcomes new technologies! Technologies and digital media are constantly evolving and developing everywhere around the world. You have to have structures to promote the newest products. And Barcelona is home to the biggest event of the year with the famous Mobile World Congress! However, the city won’t stop with mobiles. It plans to organize the […]

The International Space Station spotted in the skies of Barcelona

The International Space Station was visible for a few minutes above Barcelona On the last day of January, Barcelona witnessed a spectacularly unique event in the sky. At a rapid speed of 28 thousands km/hour, The ISS (International Space Station) crossed the Catalan Capital, leaving a luminous trail behind it. As the station flies over earth at an […]

A natural sanctuary for Barcelona to ‘release’ its dolphins

The sanctuary may be the solution for the dolphins after the closure of Barcelona Zoo’s Dolphinarium The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, is expected to decide the outcomes for dolphins staying in captivity in Barcelona. Currently, the city has decided that Barcelona Zoo should pay a total of 15 million euros to expand its facilities or, otherwise, shut down. An […]