JxSí and CUP organise a referendum for September 2017

The political groups JxSí and CUP have agreed to a referendum for Cataluña’s independence in September 2017. This has come as a result of demands made by the president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, for the parties to discuss matters face-to-face instead of confronting one another. He has also stated that a referendum requires agreement between both sides in order to succeed and therefore independence should be celebrated in September, despite the CUP wanting to do it in July.

This agreement will also include creating a committee to monitor, control and carry out the referendum effectively. The government believes that this will create around 7,000 new jobs and therefore help unemployment. It also states that the referendum must be undertaken away from any potential influence or stance from the state.


JxSí firmly believes that Cataluña’s progress is prevented by belonging to Spain and have strong disagreements with the state’s way of control. According to the party, the state is giving all of its services abroad and therefore ignoring the problem of Cataluña. This has increased concern for what Puigdemont’s true priorities are.

The president has also faced problems from the other parties about his plans for Spain. The leader of Ciutadans has said that Puigdemont is ignoring the reality of Cataluña by offering conflicting views about state issues. The leader of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, also gave his opinions about this by saying that the referendum that the government proposes will only extend the process. Catalunya Si que es Pot accused Puidemont of living in a fantasy world if he believes the referendum will work, whilst the leader of Podemos en Cataluña stated that the government should focus 80% on the referendum. JxSí and CUP stated that they have created their own agreement in terms of a referendum which is not influenced by the state.

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photo credit: cnbc.com