Barcelona confirmed as a leading urban destination!

Tourist leading Barcelona has once again been confirmed as a leading urban destination in Europe. Following an extensive study completed across 110 major urban cities using official statistics, Barcelona was the only non capital city outside Munich to feature in the top ten for overnight stays.

Barcelona has always been a go to place for tourists from all over the world, and this study has further enhanced the cities glowing reputation. Ranking sixth (6th) within this list of emblematic destinations Tourist leading Barcelona is already one of the world’s leading cultural centres. The city has a diverse and dynamic economy and is home to some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Barcelona generates approximately €170 billion a year (GDP) and is dedicated to both its residents and tourists and improving the general quality of services and life in the area.

The Catalan capital had 17.7 million overnight stays in 2015 highlighting that urban tourism is more popular than other types of tourism. The fact that Barcelona is a huge city and has an extensive range of beaches allows the region to be both diverse and appealing to different types of tourists throughout the year. This seasonally adjusted activity supports the stability of the city in terms of growth, jobs and structure. Barcelona is truly a mecca for tourists all over the world and continues to attract people all year round.

Tourist leading Barcelona, alongside other major cities, will continue to focus its attention on attracting visitors from the growing Chinese market. Barcelona aims to encourage people to visit the city and then to return again. The Chinese market has high purchasing power and with numbers increasing year on year at an astonishing rate it is highly likely that the tourist industry in Barcelona will continue to grow from this market alone.


One of the great victories for tourist leading Barcelona is its appeal to both professionals and consumers. The huge number of conferences in the city has meant that just under 600,000 people visited the city on a purely professional basis. These figures are expected to increase again in 2016 and 2017. Barcelona is truly a market leader throughout the world. Not only is Barcelona famous for its beaches and culture but also as a hub for professionals which helps to attract both talent and investment.

Visitors to tourist leading Barcelona are spread throughout the year due to its wide ranging appeal. Whether you want to visit the city in the summer or winter this beautiful place has something for everyone. Come to Barcelona now to see what all the fuss is about.


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