New consumer trends and technologies promote and diversify the distribution and experience of local food

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan city in the world, therefore several kind of tastes have to be satisfied.

In this last years, new technologies have changed the form of interpreting, from a touristic point of view, the experience of the local gastronomy. Eat-with, for example, is an application that allows you to reserve a dinner in the house of a stranger, or host and prepare an evening for some unknown guests.
In Spain, Barcelona
is the city that tends to offer this kind of service more, and the menu is focused mainly on tourists with, above all, Mediterranean food.

With the increased advantage in new technologies, and the rising number of timeless consumers unwilling to complicate themselves in the kitchen, FOOD DELIVERY Organizations are now transcending the limits of not only providing pizza and Chinese on Saturday night, but also give access to all kinds of cuisine, anytime and anywhere.

food delivery

Delivery service seems to revolutionize the concept of food at home, and one new Italian-Catalan Company is taking advantage of it by innovating also the touristic gastronomical food experience in Barcelona.

Discover Local Food Experience!

Local Food Experience is a company that gives you the opportunity to try the typical Spanish and Catalan cuisine by cooking it by yourself in the comfort of your holiday apartment. 

The company makes it very easy for you as they add everything necessary in a delivery box: that includes not only the ingredients but also the traditional recipes. There are a sequence of 4 dishes that you can prepare, such as tapas, tortilla, botifarra and seasonal fruits. All the dishes are fast, healthy, easy to make and clearly explained step by step in the recipe.

You can select the number of people you are going to cook for and the price will depend on the amount.
For two people, you can pay €34,90 which is only €17,50 per person for a 4 courses meal. It is also possible to order one or more bottles of wine in the order of your box with a price of € 8,99 per bottle. The price includes everything, so you don’t have to pay an extra delivery fee, no matter which address you are staying in Barcelona.

local food experience

Ordering at Local Food Experience is very easy; you just need to fill in the booking form on their website and after that, they will bring the box on the date and time that fits better to you, straight to your apartment; considering one day for the delivery. In fact, they only use ingredients produced by and recollect from Catalan small-scale farmers, all containing the Organic Label. Furthermore, the boxes are composed by disabled people to give them the opportunity to have a job too.

local food experience

Have a look to the video to see step by step how can you book your LFE BOX!


Stop booking the same traditional paella workshop and try something different!

Get involve and be a Catalan Chef for one night for your family or friends and experience the local cuisine in the kitchen of your rented apartment!



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