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    All information you need to know about Barcelona – where to stay, the city, transportation, working and much more.

Markets in Barcelona

Fruit and Veg Market

Best markets in Barcelona Barcelona is really famous for its supply of Markets. From food markets to flower, art, and flea markets that you must visit and discover. We will give you all the necessary information and recommendations, so you ...

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Barcelona Rooftops

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Best Rooftops in Barcelona Barcelona is really famous for its Mediterranean weather and we all know that the perfect way to enjoy it, is relaxing outside, drinking sangria, and enjoying tapas. Therefore, we have the perfect spots for you with the ultimate ...

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Best Valentine’s day movies

Movies for Valentines day

Best movies for Valentine’s day Are you planning to have a cozy movie night but you don’t know what to watch? Either if you are with your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or alone, we all know that the perfect Sunday night is ...

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Top 3 ideas for House Remodelling

House Remodelling

Top 3 Ideas for House Remodelling House remodeling is an exciting process to experience when building your dream home. People choose to buy fixer-upper homes to be able to customize them and turn them into something they exactly envisioned. It ...

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Museums in Barcelona

Museums- Barcelona

Best museums to visit in Barcelona Art inspires, motivates, and recharges. Apart from the beautiful beaches, stunning architecture, and delicious food, Barcelona has a huge potential regarding art with its amazing galleries and museums for all kinds of art lovers. Barcelona ...

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Barcelona Best Novels

barcelona best novels

Barcelona Best Novels Stuck at home? Looking for a change of scenery? We offer you a trip to Barcelona without moving from your sofa! The capital is the setting for many exciting novels that take you through the streets of ...

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Barcelona Vintage and Second-hand

Barcelona-home vintage

Buying Vintage and Second-hand in Barcelona Are you one of those people who loves to go in the search of unique pieces? Or maybe you just know how important it is to give clothes and furniture a second life! This ...

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Spanish Tapas

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Spanish tapas Tapas in Spain are part of the people’s every day and it’s such a big characteristic of the Spanish culture that there is even a verb “tapear” which means “to eat tapas”. Spanish tapas are like appetizers or ...

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Most Important Places in Barcelona

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Most important places to visit in Barcelona You probaly know many places of Barcelona as La Sagrada Familia because of the pictures of the city. But surely you don’t know all the places that Barcelona offer as impressive as the ...

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Spanish series

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5 Best Spanish series to watch on Netflix Looking on Netflix something to watch but you can’t find anything interesting? Don’t worry! We are here for you with the best Spanish series!! These days have been difficult for everyone with the ...

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Snow near Barcelona

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Top 5 villages near Barcelona to go skiing with your friends Are you looking for ski resorts & snowy areas near Barcelona? You are in the right place!! Winter is here and many of us want to fully feel the atmosphere by enjoying it ...

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Barcelona Best Viewpoints

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Barcelona’s best Viewpoints to see the city Everyone who has been to Barcelona knows that it is such a beautiful city. If you haven’t been… book a trip now! In the mean time to you can read all of our ...

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