2016 was by far the year of Trump, Brexit and many more ridiculous events. Food also had its own shine of foolishness. Here’s 3 types of food that needs to be terminated in 2017!

Spain had its fair share of ridiculousness this past few years, with a stream of food trends that took over our bars, restaurants and social media. While some have been around for a few years, some have burst into the spotlight very recently. The irritating thing that these foods have in common is that you can find them wherever you go; that’s annoying. Like invasive species, they came into our  bar tables and took over the foods that we had before, growing popular everyday. For this reason, we pray that 2017 is the year that would stop this madness or at least, help us rationalise our consumption. Here’s 3 groups of food trends that we would gladly bid goodbye to in 2017.

The most bizarre

Out of these three, we predict the baos to take over every corner of Madrid; though we are praying for the day that squids go back inside normal breads. The worst case scenario is that this trend could take over all of Spain. That might happen if we don’t put the breaks on the rising popularity of soft chinese buns.

The truffle oil on the other hand is beyond weird and, less to say, very suspicions. This oil is usually found on ridiculously overpriced meals to make them look “luxurious”. But how do we know that they are not serving us cheap oil that never touched truffle?

Tuna tartar is also one of those dishes that, annoyingly enough, you can find them in every menu of every Spanish restaurants. To all my spanish restaurant owners, your business won’t crash if you don’t add tuna tartar in the menu nor will customers run in terror.

The Healthy trio

The first trend that comes to mind when talking about ” healthy eating” is vegans. If you’re a vegan, then good for you. But fake sausages, burgers, cheese and steak made out of soy beans? Personally it’s more reasonable to eat food made out of fresh vegetable rather than over-processed self-decepting vegan meat.

While vegans try to keep healthy, it’s bad news for vegetarian milk drinkers: vegetarian milk is not healthier than real milk. Actually it contains way too much sugar and they’re ridiculously expensive. If you want to have a healthier routine, we advise you to stop this trend.

Out of this “healthy” trends, quinoa is the public’s favourite since it tastes nice and can be put in just about anything. But too much Quinoa on a salad? No thank you.

The Instagram trends

Firstly, the detox juices. They are, by far, the most popular trend on Instagram right now and they are seen by everyone as a body cleanser and purifier. Truth to be told, detox juices are another overrated scam that only cleans up and purifies your wallet.

Another popular trend is the avocados. Imagine a time in the future where, the only fruit cultivated in the world is avocados just so that foodie instagrammers can enjoy their “picture-perfect” meals. With the increasing amount of popularity avocados have been gaining, that moment in time won’t be just an imagination. We thought Trump would never win, well..look.

Last but not least, the popularity of superfoods. They are like the elf, fairies and all the mystical creatures you used to wonder about as a child: all myths. If you really though that kale, chia,and goji berries would purify your skin, prolong your life spam and orgasms or even cure cancer then we have bad news: they are all lies.


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