The Generalitat de Catalunya recognizes surrogate pregnancy

Public services workers who have children through surrogacy can now claim for maternity and paternity leave It’s great news for Catalonian couples who are opting for surrogacy. The Generalitat of Catalunya has officially agreed to recognise maternity and paternity leaves of public workers for births done through this method. A surrogacy, or simply known as “rental belly”, is a process in which a […]

Food trends that should stop in 2017

2016 was by far the year of Trump, Brexit and many more ridiculous events. Food also had its own shine of foolishness. Here’s 3 types of food that needs to be terminated in 2017! Spain had its fair share of ridiculousness this past few years, with a stream of food trends that took over our bars, […]

Possibility of opening more hospital beds

Possibility of opening more hospital beds The council’s health commissioner, Gemma Tarafa, has said there is margin to open many more beds in Barcelona hospitals. A survey by the government has discovered that 41 of 84 of the city’s health providers are private. Tarafa has suggested there is a change in the model of private […]