New Electronic Vehicles are taking over the city!

The city is cracking down on segways and scooters being used on the main road. In new regulations being enforced, all electronic vehicles will have to use the same lanes as bicycles. Wearing a helmet and registering your vehicle will also be made compulsory for any means of transport being used for commercial and not personal use.

The ruling will also mean that pavements will only be used for pedestrians. However there are fears that tourists will misuse the pavement that will disrupt the locals, and therefore an adjustment of the rules may be required.

The City Council have a drafted list of ways people might try and get around the rules, this draft however will have to be assessed in a municipal plenary meeting, therefore it is not expected to be approved until 2017.
The ruling will include a document that divides up the 10 different types of electronic vehicles including segways, hover boards and electric scooters which are separated into 3 different categories and are given a maximum speed limit. Before the ruling, all of these types of vehicles would be driven on the road where there would have to share road space on one of the most densely motorised cities.

On the other side, beside the rules, Barcelona is considering a leading city in electric mobility with a specific aim: to minimize acoustic and environmental impact, lower pollution levels and improve the quality of local people’s lives.
This is the reason behind LIVE, an acronym for Logistics for the Implementation of Electric Vehicles, a platform that is publicly and privately funded and aims to make Barcelona and its metropolitan area a benchmark city for electric mobility.

Barcelona has already become the European city with the highest number of electric motorcycles, and it has a growing privately-owned fleet of electric vehicles, cars and motorcycles that benefit from the facilities offered by the city, such as its 300 public recharging points that are free to use.

Barcelona is also leading the introduction of electric taxis and is working for the introduction of a new way of renting cars, based on car sharing, using 100% electric vehicles making a grate effort to join the sustainable mobility.

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