Yunde Heng

 Nationality: Chinese  About me: Hi, I am Yunde Heng, my English name is Mino, I am from China. 27 years old. I study in Italy for a master’s degree Corporate Communication and Human Resources policy. I like travelling and reading. “Where there is a will there is a way”

Martina Bulkova

Nationality: Slovak About me: I am Martina, student from Czech republic and I love to travel, explore new countries, culture and people. I like to go the countryside, hike in the mountains, spend time in nature, do sports and spend time with nice, interesting people.    

Anastasia Kazakova

 Nationality: Russian About me: My name is Anastasia. I am 21, and I am from Russia/Belgium. I study International Entrepreneurship. And I really love the subjects I study. I like Russian an American rap/ hiphop. My favorite Russian cloud-rapper is Pharaoh. I am a controversial person. I have high ambitions, but the happiness, fun and the mental […]

Martina Fedele

Nationality: Italian  About me: Hi, my name is Martina! I love meeting new people and discovering             something new everyday. Determined on what I have to do and open to learning           new things.                               […]

Sara Varini

    Nationality: Italian About me: Hi, I’m Sara Varini and I’m a 20-year-old girl from Modena, Italy. I study foreign languages at the University of Parma, more precisely I study English, Spanish and French. Currently, I’m working at Barcelona-Home as an intern and i will be practicing languages there for the next three months […]

Aravindh Kumar

About me: A fresh master student from an esteemed university,Facing new challenges is a strong motivation to me because it makes me grow as a professional. My eventual career goal is to be a part of intensive project with long term aspiration of moving into Real Estate and Construction sector. Organized, self-motivated and enthusiastic. I […]

Blandine Lardic

About me: 21 years old communication student in Paris, love to travel and discover new cultures. French and English speaker, with a little bit of Spanish and Italian (but very little).     Nationality: French

Alessia Cardia

About me: Hi everyone!! I’m Alessia, I’m 24 years old Italian girl. I am very sociable and I like to meet multicultural people (I think you can learn many things from people).  I love music, extreme sports and travel travel travel!!   Nationality: Italian

Valeria Carrabs

About me: Hello! My name is Valeria and I am a twenty-five year old who loves to deepen things. My own curiosity leads me to discover and keep track of what is happening worldwide. Sensitive to music and art, I love getting lost in the alleyways of the city and discovering their hidden beauties. Nationality: […]

Cristina Maxim

  About me: My name is Cristina.I’m from Moldova and I study Law in Romania. My hobby is playing the piano, it really relaxes me and it is a pleasure for me. I am communicative, open-minded, hard-working and I can find a solution to all the problems. Now I am focused on marketing in the digital environment because I […]

Mamadou Toure

 About me: I’m from İvory Coast. This beautiful country with multiple cultures and I live in Ankara. Although I could have put the 18th district of Paris, but here it is. Now, what I like: Cinema, music (rap, my ears do not support rock), reading, night walks, myself, my family, my three loved nephews, Traveling, […]

Daniel Gutiérrez

About me:I`m 23 years old who is working right now at the human resources department and really excited because I can get to work in a very multicultural space where I can learn about how the work environment is with people from all over the world. Very happy. Nationality: Colombian

Isabella Henriikka Alegria Härkönen

ABOUT ME: Hello! My name is Isabella and I’m a 21-year-old International Business student from Finland. I came to Barcelona to look for some real work experience and to gain new experiences in this beautiful city. NATIONALITY: Finnish

Rebeka Rehar

ABOUT ME: Hi! I’m Rebeka, I’m 21 years old and I come from Slovenia. I am currently living in Barcelona where I’m doing my summer internship as a Graphic Designer. Back home I am also studying Graphic Design. I love to travel and art is my passion. NATIONALITY: Slovenian