Possibility of opening more hospital beds

The council’s health commissioner, Gemma Tarafa, has said there is margin to open many more beds in Barcelona hospitals. A survey by the government has discovered that 41 of 84 of the city’s health providers are private. Tarafa has suggested there is a change in the model of private health sectors to make them public.

A report has stated that the Department of Health will give 220 million euros to public health. The commissioner has talked about these matters saying that more can be done to help public health than what is done at the moment. Ideas for improvement have been given to the ‘Consorcio Sanitario de Barcelona’ (CSB) that looks at current data and actions that can be taken about private sectors, which could reduce them by half.


The plan is to introduce public provision and make processes public, as well as other ideas. During the process the health commissioner found that 150 beds were closed in the Centre Fórum, 250 public beds were closed and 100 were also only being used occasionally which they want to reopen, and also open operating rooms in the afternoon.

The main issue that needs to be changed is the laws of the ‘Entidades de Base Asociativa’ (EBA) which are private companies which are managed by medical people and make them non funded and provide public service.

Private health will continue but they want to make sure that the rules are the same as the council’s. They also want to move Barnaclínic, the private area of Hospital Clínic who they share resources with, outside of the Clinic.

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