Discover Barcelona – Collserola Tower

Collserola Tower symbolizes the change of Barcelona! Walking through one of the most spectacular architectures in Barcelona and discover its modernity. Collserola Tower symbolizes the change of Barcelona! During your visit to Barcelona, you can not only discover a lot of nice food, street art with fantastic drawing but also check the modern and classical […]

Barcelona bets on the shared taxis to save the sector

No more taxis in a city like Barcelona? Impossible! Because of the modernisation of public transport, taxis are getting neglected and less used. For this reason, the board of Barcelona sat together to plea for a new rule whereby people can share a taxi. City Hall, the Metropolitan Taxi Institute (IMET) and the Metropolitan Area of […]

Barcelona Hospitality Guild seeks to protect Barcelona’s iconic terraces

The Barcelona Hospitality Guild proposes solutions to save Barcelona’s terraces. In the last week of January, Barcelona Hospitality Guild released a document known as White Book of the Terraces of the city. This document is said to include several solutions to save Barcelona’s iconic terraces from the municipal council’s future plans. This White Book is also made of opinions and […]

Tv station BTV expands and becomes betevé

Barcelona’s TV station launches a new website: betevé The public tv station of Barcelona BTV has gone through a whole new renovation. During the last week of January, the television channel changed its settings and layout, converting into betevé.  The new website homepage quoted:” We changed not just the new graphical display, but also a much […]

Major brands take over the most unique buildings

Global fashion apparels are taking over architectural buildings of Barcelona! It has been reported that number of several fashion brands companies are replacing some of the architectural buildings of Barcelona. A recent occurrence happened in Gothic, just over a month ago, where the global economic apparel, Teddy, newly launched a flagship store of five-stories high in the Cucurulla Square. The palace Castell de Pons is also another historic building that has […]

The Spaniard are leaders of the collaborative economy

The Catalonian Government against the growth of this business sector The collaborative economy is a sector that has been growing continuously in Europe. The Collaborative Economy is manly based on either lending, renting, buying or selling products for specific needs rather than profits or economic benefits. The collaborative economy teaches that, other than money, services can also […]

Blanco will shut down all its stores after filing for Bankruptcy

Popular clothing store Blanco filled for liquidation The clothing company Blanco has decided to lay off all of its 850 employees as well as closing its chain of stores, compromising of 120 establishments. According to Europa Press, the decision was made after the firm submitted a liquidation form before the Commercial Court of Toledo.  Other similar sources […]

The Greek Amphitheatre will expand in August thanks to tourist taxes

From next summer, Barcelona will expand its cultural arts performance with an investment of €300,000 The deputy mayor of Culture, Jaume Collboni, has announced that, from August 2017, the Greek Amphitheatre is expected to be opened with an “artistic quality programming”, funded through a budgetary contribution of €300,000 from the Fund for the Promotion of Tourism […]

Barcelona fines fifteen Student Accommodations for posing as hotels

Student Residences that accommodates tourists will be fined up to €600,000 for breaching the law Prosecutors of Barcelona City Council have been investigating illegal tourist floors in Barcelona and have now found evidence of a growing number of student residences posing as tourist accommodations. The local council have reported that, within the last few months, over fifteen residences […]