FC Barcelona secures a total of 13 consecutive wins; breaking the record for being the team to win most matches.

In the first week of December 2016, FC Barcelona played against Borussia Moenchengladbach, winning a stunning 4-0. The Catalonian team, mainly consisted of reserves, making Mascherano, Iniesta and Messi the only headline players in the team that night. Before the game, Barça’s coach Luis Enrique admitted in an interview “I don’t really care about the result of this match”. In fact, he used this match to recover his best players after a difficult game against Celtic, scoring 0-2 which made them qualify to round 16 of the Champions League.

Furthermore, after winning 4-0 against Borussia Moenchengladbach, Barcelona officially summed up a total of 13 consecutive wins while reaching the quarter finals. On the other hand, Arsenal is also showing strong potential, as the team has been very consistent during the group phases. Though they haven’t acquired any title yet, they have successfully reached the same classification as the Catalonian team. Following very closely is Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, both with 12 wins in the last 16 and 13 stages. Next on the list is Chelsea with 11 and Milan with 9 wins.

Celtic vs FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona’s dominance in the world of football has been resounding ever since the Champions League of 1994-1995, when they managed to qualify first in the group rounds, resulting in them having the advantage of the field factor. Real Madrid is currently one of the few teams that is able to match up to FC Barcelona, followed by Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Chelsea, Juventus and Arsenal.

Overall, FC Barcelona’s authority has been increasing throughout the last 23 seasons, as they surpassed 17 rounds in total (14 as first and 3 as second). In this case, they are following behind Real Madrid with 21 round passes and Bayern with 19, while outside the podium is Manchester United with 17, Chelsea with 13 and, finally, Arsenal with 12 round passes.


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Photocredit: Everythingbarca.com
Photocredit: Infoalbania.al