Commercial company ‘GetBag Service’ relocates

Since the beginning of march 2017, Get Bag Service has renovated itself by creating a new slogan and moving right next to the Sagrada Familia, around the centre of Barcelona. Their service, on the other hand, will remain the same as before, with the intention of providing a higher quality performance to their clients. By relocating near the Sagrada Familia, customers are able to access the office quicker before and after purchasing the service. This decision was made soon as the business started to receive a lot of recognition from people; giving the opportunity for Get Bag to expand it self and move somewhere with a bigger space.

Get Bag has been very successful in expanding in this niche market and proved to be ahead of the competition. They believe that this success came as a result of understanding what their customers want and need. In fact, Comfort, Efficiency, Safety and Reliability are the main key words that Get Bag stands for and have proven to stand for just that.


About Get Bag

Get Bag service is a company that provides Luggage delivery and transfer services for people who want to spend a bit more time in Barcelona, without the hustle of taking the luggages around. Their services extends from luggages transferred to the airport to plastic wrapping, starting from as little as €3. Get Bag prioritizes the loyalty of customers and continuously develops its service in order to be easy and reliable. In fact, on their websites, they specify their services in 4 steps:

  • Book the service,
  • Luggage pick up,
  • Relax,
  • Luggage delivery.

The airport luggage delivery is one of GetBag’s main service. In fact, GetBag has fixed three destination points outside the terminals of El Prat Airport; one in terminal 1 and two in terminal 2. By simply booking on their websites, customers can decide when and where they want their luggage to go. After completing the booking, the delivery drivers will collect your luggage from your pick up point (usually the hotel reception) to your expected destination; customers will find their luggage in the designated drop off location around the time they selected during the booking process.



For the delivery process to be successful, GetBag prides itself for its close connection with the clients. After booking a service, customers have the ability to track their luggage delivery process whenever they want. Additionally, there are many ways to contact the organization; they are available on Facebook and Twitter as well as directly through their office or email. They consider connecting with customers as an essential part of the delivery process so that, if something was not going according to plans, both the company and clients are aware of what is happening. As a result, GetBag is able solve problems in a fast and safe manner.

If you want to find out more about GetBag and its services, visit their website at


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