Sex on the beach – and no, not the drink!

The free and laid-back atmosphere of Barcelona makes the city a place like no other. It is somewhere where everyone can feel like home: whether it is the sea breeze, the food, the people, the architecture that does it. The city’s openness to people’s sexuality makes it even more welcoming. Since Spain allows nudist beaches across the country, it furthermore adds to the country’s liberty.

However, in Barceloneta, people have started to dislike this free ambiance, as they feel it might have taken a step too far. On the 10th of July, residents of Barceloneta witnessed a couple publicly having sex at the beach at Plaça d’Hilari Salvadó. The act was recorded and published by a neighbor in the Facebook-group “La Barceloneta diu Prou”. The group is specifically directed to those who live in the Barceloneta district for the purpose of reporting actions in the area that they don’t find acceptable.

They were spotted having sex in broad daylight, also some metres away from a school and a children’s park. This has made locals even more furious, as they also are seeing a growing trend in “drunken tourists” with events like these happening more frequently. However, the couple in this case were not regarded as tourists.

So, which is the price of this freedom? It is maybe thanks to this that Barcelona has become the liberal city it is today, although it is worth to think about how far the limits go. The comments about the event vary from negative responses with people disliking the act, to positive ones with people finding it liberating.

The question remains: is it more important to “make love, not war”, or follow the law? You decide!

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