Boat sales surge because of smartphones

Barcelona boat show has released new technology to improve navigation. Boat steering has not changed dramatically over history but what is changing is the tools which are used to steer and complete jobs on the boats. Technology companies are constantly giving a range of services to sea sports but what is always the most useful for everyone is the mobile phone.

Between the 12-16th October the international boat show, La Fira de Barcelona, will take place where around 20 start up companies will offer boats the option of finding a closer port and will tell them if their anchor is suitably placed, all from the screen of technology. 670 vessels will be the evidence that boats can be better connected and managed.

2015 Salon Nautico Barcelona Boat Show

The competitiveness of prices in this service means that companies are using strategies such as exclusivity to sell their products. The app Portadvisor which was released in April 2016 uses the advice and experience of other users to search for ports, coves and beaches for navigators. By selecting options, the user can look for the closest port with available places to moor, the port with best restaurants, the best beach or remote caves to escape other boats.

Luis Conde, the leader of the show, has said that start up companies are important to support new ideas and in turn larger companies support them. The biggest focus of this is on smartphones. A different company offers boat management and has a website that connects users with nearby boat companies.

Making boat jobs easier is the focus of attention of many companies at the moment. The register of boats has increased by 3.15% from 2015, mainly of boats up to 8 metres, and the rental of boats has risen. This reveals that people are interested in boats and sea sports and so there is a need to need to improve technology.

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