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    Discover Costa Brava – the east coast of Spain with its adorable towns and beaches. A perfect place to spend your holiday in!

Roses – Costa Brava

Explore Roses in Costa Brava

Rosas is a city in the comarca de l’Alt Emporia, within the Girona province of Catalonia. The city is situated just 170 km north of Barcelona, 72 km north of Girona and only 45km south of the French border. The history ...

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Portbou – Costa Brava


The city of Portbou in the COSTA BRAVA REGION is located just 3 kilometers from the French border, at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains. It is locateded within the county of Alt Empordà, in the province of GIRONA, Catalonia in Spain. ...

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The artists of the Costa Brava

James& Katie (22)

Costa Brava artists are famous! Throughout time the Costa Brava has been the birthplace of several great and renowned artists. In the early twentieth century, the beauty of the region attracted many extremely influential artists, including Picasso, Rusiñol and Dalí. These artists ...

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Typical bodegas in Lloret de Mar

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Catalan cuisine is famous worldwide, thanks in part to the wonderful dishes of Lloret de Mar. The local cuisine of this focuses mostly on fresh seafood ingredients, including sea urchins, razor clams, prawns, shrimps, squid, cod, cuttlefish, monkfish and sea bream. Undoubtedly ...

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Llançà a gem in Costa Brava

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Llançà is a Spanish town located only 14 kilometers from Portbou, 160 kilometers from Barcelona and very close to the French border. It is included within the county of Alt Empordà, in the province of Girona, Catalonia in Spain. The town has a population of ...

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Sea caves in Costa Brava

Sea Caves in Costa Brava

Although the summer is definitely over and autumn reaches its highest peak, we would like to bring back a few sunrays into your day and give you an inspiration where to spend your next summer, spring or even breezy autumn ...

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Lloret de Mar food experience

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The Catalan cuisine is worldly famous, thanks to its delicious dishes and Lloret de Mar would be no exception with sea products dishes like urchins, navas, prawns, squid, cod, cuttlefish, monk-fish and bream. Undoubtedly the best way to enjoy these ...

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Gran Casino Costa Brava at Lloret de Mar

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One of the must-do activities to check off your bucket list while vacationing in beautiful coastal resort town  Lloret de Mar is to visit the spectacular Gran Casino. The Gran Casino Costa Brava measures 335.000 square feet, and offers a wide variety ...

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Cycling in the Costa Brava


Hiring bikes in Spain is one of the most popular recreational activities for tourists. It is a great was to see the sights and to get around. With it being cheap, easily accessible and enjoyable, why wouldn’t you do it? If ...

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Cadaqués – Costa Brava

Cadaqués - Costa Brava

Cadaqués is a town in the province of Girona, Catalonia. The city is situated in the middle of the bay of Cap de Creus peninsula, near Cap de Craus Cape, on the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean – only 170 kilometers from BARCELONA and ...

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Best Beaches in Costa Brava

Best Beaches in Costa Brava

Are you planning to visit the beautiful coastal city of Tossa de Mar this summer, but have no idea which beaches to visit while you´re there? Well, you just got lucky! We´ve assembled 4 Best Beaches in Costa Brava in Tossa de ...

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