If you are a follower of a freedom lifestyle, unlimited creativity, and no societal restrictions – this event is SPECIAL for you!


Harlem Jazz Club barcelona home

“A place of freedom, transgression and artistic creativity” – this is the motto of Harlem Jazz Club.

After hearing this motto we already can imagine which vibe have events that happen there. Not in vain exactly there take place such festivals as Barcelona International Jazz Festival, Katakumba, Barnasants, Inauditus, Sensual, Fem. Music, Grec Festival, MPB Festival- Barcelona Popular Music, Interfado – Fado Festival of Catalonia, and many many more. 


In this cosmopolitan club, you can find any music – and it is gonna be live! Funk, jazz, flamenco, tango, blues, and many many other styles, the deep connection between artists and assistants, amazing fluids which are going from artists – that’s what makes people return again and again to Harlem Jazz Club.

Even their logo is created to express the creativity and freedom which reigns there. Modern and simple, stylish and memorable – guys from “Harlem” know how to impress. 

Harlem Jazz Club barcelona home


Alone, or with friends, for the date or family evening – this jazz club is a perfect choice if you want to have a good time enjoying the cozy atmosphere and live music. Click here to book the ticket.

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Location: Barcelona