Uber and Cabify services suspended in Barcelona

Competition between Uber and Cabify was terminated by ceasing their operation in Barcelona An American transportation network company Uber and its Spanish rival Cabify suspended their services in Barcelona after the introduction of new, severely restricting, rules by local authorities. The new rules approved by the regional government of Catalonia obligate customers to book their ride […]

The big construction companies propose paying tolls for entering Madrid and Barcelona

The FasTrak is the latest proposal from Seopan and is inspired by the American model. Seopan, the employers’ association of large construction companies and concessionaires, has declared that it wanted to implement a new toll system at the entrance to Madrid and Barcelona. A system of premium lanes aimed at reducing pollution, matching times and reducing […]

Shared motocycles and bicycles expand while waiting for regulation

More than 2,250 motorbikes and 1,000 rental bikes per minute operate in Barcelona in a legal limbo A few years ago there were none and now there are more than 2,000 motorcycles in Barcelona that can be unlocked through a mobile application and circulate with them paying for the exact minutes used, electric bikes have also […]

Adif and Renfe will joining one single union to compete in Europe

Public Labour chiefs commissioned the creation of a public railway “holding” company to face 2020’s liberation Adif, a firm that manages the models and designs of railways, and Renfe, a failed transport operator company, have announce that they will re-unite in one single society. Adif’s huge financial crisis and restrictive dependence to the fee charged […]