Adif and Renfe will joining one single union to compete in Europe

Public Labour chiefs commissioned the creation of a public railway “holding” company to face 2020’s liberation Adif, a firm that manages the models and designs of railways, and Renfe, a failed transport operator company, have announce that they will re-unite in one single society. Adif’s huge financial crisis and restrictive dependence to the fee charged […]

Transport Links in Barcelona

The extensive and efficient bus, rail and metro system of the city that provide quality services to residents and tourists The transport links in Barcelona are already some of the best in the world. The city has an extensive and efficient bus, rail and metro system that is the envy of many other European cities. The […]

RACC proposes limits on tour bus traffic in Barcelona

To solve mobility problems caused by the large influx of visitors, RACC suggests to limit access to a large central quadrant of Barcelona! Until now, the debate on tourism overcrowding Barcelona, reopened by the municipal government of Ada Colau, has focused almost exclusively on issues related to accommodation. The plan of the government was presented a few […]

“There must be a future for taxi drivers and for Uber”

Interview with Joanna Drake, General Director of Collaborative Economics (Uber, Airbnb and others) of the EU Will the EU back away from Uber, Airbnb and other platforms? Our role is not to prohibit or to allow, but to find the best balance: there must be room for both Uber and taxi drivers. How do you think you can guarantee that? […]