Collserola Tower symbolizes the change of Barcelona!

Walking through one of the most spectacular architectures in Barcelona and discover its modernity. Collserola Tower symbolizes the change of Barcelona!

During your visit to Barcelona, you can not only discover a lot of nice food, street art with fantastic drawing but also check the modern and classical buildings out. There are billions of fantastic sceneries that you can discover in Barcelona absolutely. However, if you wish to take a panoramically look at Barcelona, Collserola Tower is one of the attractions which you should not miss it! Collserola Tower becomes one of the landmarks and the modern architectures’ representative of Barcelona because of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. More importantly, thanks to Collserola Tower, Barcelona has connected to the world a quarter of a century already.

Collserola Tower, or “Torre de Collserola” in Spanish, is located in Tibidabo mountain, which the mountain overlooks the whole Barcelona and height 445m. Furthermore, the tower is also the main telecommunication tower in Catalonia. Collserola Tower started constructing in February 1990 by a famous architect from Britain, Norman Foster, spent 2 years to build it, and operated during the time while Barcelona was hosting Olympic Games in 1992. Therefore, Collserola Tower is one of the meaningful architectures in Barcelona.


The catchiest point for tourists must be “El Mirador” on the 10th floor of the tower, which is height 115m. You can fastly reach there by one of the two elevators in 2.5 minutes, which the elevators run 36km per hour. One fantastic thing is the elevators are glass-enclosed, you can start enjoying each panoramic scenario from taking the elevator. In the “balcony of Barcelona”, you can look at the whole Barcelona by 360 degrees angle because it is built 560m (including the height of the Tibidabo) above the sea-level. Therefore, you can visually enjoy the gorgeous scenario in Barcelona. In a good weather, not only you can look up to 70km away from Barcelona, but also enjoy walking in the 300m pedestrian promenade.

If you want to visit Collserola Tower, you may need to pay attention to the opening time before visiting there. Collserola Tower not only closes on Mondays and Tuesdays. but also different opening time in each week/ month. For example, in July and August, Collserola Tower opens from half past 3 (15:30) in the afternoon to a quarter to 8 (19:45). Meanwhile, it is easy to access by cable car and bus route 211 from Peu de Funicular station.

During your stay in Barcelona, you can feel for sure the sensation that Barcelona will always wrap you around its finger; day and night!

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