Major brands take over the most unique buildings

Global fashion apparels are taking over architectural buildings of Barcelona! It has been reported that number of several fashion brands companies are replacing some of the architectural buildings of Barcelona. A recent occurrence happened in Gothic, just over a month ago, where the global economic apparel, Teddy, newly launched a flagship store of five-stories high in the Cucurulla Square. The palace Castell de Pons is also another historic building that has […]

The Spaniard are leaders of the collaborative economy

The Catalonian Government against the growth of this business sector The collaborative economy is a sector that has been growing continuously in Europe. The Collaborative Economy is manly based on either lending, renting, buying or selling products for specific needs rather than profits or economic benefits. The collaborative economy teaches that, other than money, services can also […]

Food trends that should stop in 2017

2016 was by far the year of Trump, Brexit and many more ridiculous events. Food also had its own shine of foolishness. Here’s 3 types of food that needs to be terminated in 2017! Spain had its fair share of ridiculousness this past few years, with a stream of food trends that took over our bars, […]

Best places in Barcelona

Best Places in Barcelona If you are visiting Barcelona and you are not sure where to start, here are some recommendations of the best places to visit in Barcelona. There is something for everyone, from those who appreciate culture to beach lovers. La Sagrada Familia – Possibly the most iconic building in Spain, the Sagrada […]

Barcelona crea ayudas para rehabilitar el interior de pisos

El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona extenderá las ayudas a la rehabilitación de los edificios y a la reforma del interior de los pisos, unas subvenciones que hasta ahora no otorgaba el consistorio. Sí las da la Generalitat, pero no en la capital catalana. Son ayudas para hacer reformas que permitan conseguir la cédula de habitabilidad, mejorar […]