Public services workers who have children through surrogacy can now claim for maternity and paternity leave

It’s great news for Catalonian couples who are opting for surrogacy. The Generalitat of Catalunya has officially agreed to recognise maternity and paternity leaves of public workers for births done through this method. A surrogacy, or simply known as “rental belly”, is a process in which a woman carries and gives birth to a child that genetically belongs to couples who physically cannot bare children. Maternity and paternity leaves for surrogated births are still prohibited in some countries. This would result in Catalonia to become the first independent community to regulate issues after following surrogacy decisions done by the Supreme Court’s .

The Government has instructed government officials to facilitate maternal and paternal leaves for public workers that opted for surrogated births.

Gestational carrier

Government to take action regarding maternity & paternity leave for parents who opt for surrogacy

It has been over two months since the supreme court passed down legislation about social security of surrogates. Recently in Benestar, an employee asked the court for a maternity leave permission, after having a child through surrogacy. The court then considered the judgements of the Supreme court, and decided that there were no grants to base it. For many years, the government used to dismiss parents’ requests after they had children through surrogacy.

However, the councillor Meritxell Borrás declared that this issue should be permitted in order to provide security for those parents. Borrás further demanded that the government should start taking measures and regulate this issue. 

Though the request has been granted, a condition was, however, put in place in regards to this practice: parents opting for surrogacy can only do it in countries where the system has been legalized.

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