Drinks in Barcelona are extremely price competitive in comparison to its European neighbors!

According to a recent study, drinks in Barcelona including coffee and beer are extremely price competitive in comparison to its European neighbors. Whether its an early morning hot drink or a cold beer on the beach, the average prices in the Capital of Catalonia continue to help locals enjoy their home and tourists enjoy their holiday.

If, like most, you enjoy a coffee then you’ll be happy to know that the average price in a bar or restaurant in Barcelona is only €1.11. In two of Spain’s biggest neighbor countries, France and the UK, a coffee will set you back €1.50 and €1.80 respectively. That’s 26% and 45% higher than the prices we enjoy in Barcelona. This study completed by the Barcelona City Council is encouraging news for tourists who want to make sure their money goes further when they are on holiday.

Following this extensive research it has also been revealed that beer prices in Barcelona are extremely good when compared to other countries. The average “cold one” in Barcelona costs €1.58. In France that price rises dramatically to €5 and in the UK to €3.50. All this means that you can enjoy more beer for the same money that you would spend in either of these two tourist hotspots.

The price of drinks in Barcelona can of course fluctuate above or below those average prices depending on location and whether you enjoy these beverages inside or outside. A drink savored on a terrace when ordered can often be more expensive, yet the fact remains that Barcelona and its prices allow tourists to get more for their money than other large European cities.

Soft drinks in Barcelona are also very reasonable too. Average prices are currently €1.68. So whether you fancy a beer, soft drink or a coffee you should be able to pay for it with only the change you have accumulated in your pocket or purse.


The study also revealed that menus in Barcelona are becoming more extensive with an average of 28 daily items on offer compared to 26 in 2013. This increase allows restaurants to offer more diverse and exciting cuisine to the thriving tourist population which visits the city. Average menu prices are very good as well. The average meal costs €9.88. In the UK this price increases to around €15 and in France to approximately €12.

This all makes very good reading for Barcelona. After all this is a beautiful city with a stunning beach. There’s tons of things to do here and lots of places to see. And what’s best? You can eat gorgeous food and sip moorish drinks all for less than you can expect to pay in other major European destinations. So, come to Barcelona now.