Where to invest in housing in Barcelona

The rental profit is the biggest consideration for investment in a house. This information is important to be able to make decisions on buying, long or short term rental and other financial problems.

The market value of a property is decided from its topology and location. If data is closely analysed by each characteristic, it will show information about the residential situation which is useful for owners and investors.

The real estate market follows definite rules when looking at houses, for example rented houses with less surface area are more profitable per metre squared. It has been revealed that in Barcelona houses with a typology less than 80m2 get up to 8% more rental profit. This is most seen in the areas of Barrio Nuevo and Horta Guinardó. In the area Sans Montjuïc the profit is over 7% and La Bordeta it is over 6.5%.


In larger houses although it is assumed that it would be less profitable, data reveals that houses from 110-250m2 have around 3% profit. In the zone of Sant Martí houses of 140-180m2 have even obtained a profit of 6%. In Ciutat Vella, el Raval and Sant Antoni for typology less than 80m2 it shows 6.5% profit. However for the same size houses in Santa Caterina i la Ribera and Barceloneta profit is 5%. In small houses in Les Corts and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi 80-110m2 profit has been 3% and 4% respectively which is much less than expected.

The market for real estate has increased greatly due to the buying pressure in the housing investment market because of lower prices and product selling surplus. This has caused an overload of property sales and rental in key areas.

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