One week of Flamenco Shows to fight the Female Violence

The 25th November 2016 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The aim of this social movement is to encourage people across the world to respond to this global problem.

In 2014 in Spain alone 59 women were killed by violence from men. This shameful statistic reveals a lack of awareness which then inspired the company Flamenco Dorado and the Sant Boi Council to create ‘Nosotras, Vosotras y Ellos’, a flamenco performance taking place for one week from 21 to 27 of November 2016 in Los Tarantos, a famous tablao in Barcelona.

The performance, a fusion of classical music, flamenco and poetry, will make people more conscious of the fact that violence against women is still an everyday issue.

The entire show is an expression of the cycle of male violence from the beginning of the relationship to the psychological and physical abuse. The artists will make the event visually effective trying to also reveal the females’ feelings of guilt after this behaviour takes place.

Los Tarantos started in 1963 as a Flamenco bar for locals but it is now one of the most important places for flamenco dancing in Barcelona. This success is likely to be because of the high quality of the performers. In 1993, after being redesigned in an original and local way, Los Tarantos reopened. The jazz group Mas i Mas were the leaders of the new style of the flamenco bar where they presented new flamenco dancers who were not yet famous. In 1995-6 a series of unknown dancers of Cuban music were on the stage. During 1997-8 the dancing focused more on the songs but still used the flamenco dancing. More recently, it has returned to being more classic.

The show will be 21st – 27th November in three different time slots at 20:30 / 21:30 / 22:30 and tickets can be bought online now for 15€.

The artists:

– Carmen Doorá – singer
– David de José – cante,
– Gloria – violin,
– José “El Chote” – guitar,
– Ángel Dorao – percussion,
– Pedro Pérez – dancer,
– Patri Domínguez – dancer

For more information on Los Tarantos flamenco have a look at our web site.

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