CEO of Open Camp declare Barcelona Mecca of Sports due to the conversion of the Olympic Stadium into a sports park!

If Hollywood is the Mecca of cinema and Orlando of cartoons, Barcelona could become the Mecca of sports. So says the CEO of Open Camp, Paco Medina. This happened because from June 16th, when the Olympic Stadium converted into a sports park through an initiative unique in the world opens its doors, visitors will be able to make their athletic dreams come true for a day. It is not virtual reality. The technology helps offering real experiences and feelings. For a few minutes you will kick off against a professional goalkeeper or you will run alongside a professional runner. All this experience will be augmented with the personal broadcasting that each participant will have: “Time before departure, your flag, your name, music and image will help convert the visitor into the protagonist.”

Medina explains that the park aims to promote fun, entertainment, and competition: “Many people do sports to compete, but to be here is to feel the sensation of practicing a sport or another, since there are some twenty experiences to live throughout the day,” he concludes.

The park will open at ten in the morning and stay open until seven in the evening on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the wintertime and every day in summertime (235 days in total). During the visit, participants will be invited to follow some itineraries that will cover different sport experiences with the novelty being that the queue will be at the stands for each sport, with animation inspired by the stands of stadiums.


The sports offerings, as noted by Medina, will only represent a part of the overall proposal of the park, as there will also be a cultural portion, in which the actual Olympic Museum and the first Paralympic Museum of the world will be highlighted. There will also be various sectors dedicated to leisure, restaurants and rest areas, and another section with sports equipment for rent or purchase. Finally, in the summer there will be a closing ceremony for Open Camp with mapping shows and live performances, including a performance of the haka, known as the Maori dance – and a master class in karate.

The ticket price is set at 28 euros per person, while the family package will be cost 18 euros per person. Organizers are also considering offering tickets to visit the park on more than one occasion. “The audience will be the one who decides,” says Medina. “The experience is for everyone and you do not need to have outstanding sporting abilities to participate. Attracting tourists might help, according to claims made by representative of Open Camp, to take the attention of visitors off the busiest places in the city and focus it even more on Montjuïc.

Source: El Nacional
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