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Running on the beach in Barcelona

If you want to discover the beach of Barcelona in its entirety, why not do so by running? You will go faster and furthermore it is good for your health.

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Barcelona offers more than 4,5 km of beautiful beaches which are a pleasure to run on, these beaches include La Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella, San Sebastia, Bogatell, Nova Icaria and Llevant. It’s better to run on the beach in the morning, at first to avoid the heat in summer, but also to avoid the beaches when they get crowded, in particular La Barceloneta, the most popular beach. While running, you can observe the view around you and discover the district Sant Marti where most of the beaches are situated.

The advantage of the beach is that you can run barefoot. Jogging barefoot on the beach allows to use up more energy and because of this you lose more weight compared to if you were to run on the road. It is also a good way to improve the strength of your feet, which will make a change from running in shoes. It is obvious that you will run more slowly than your usual speed. We recommend running on some wet sand and on a flat ground.

Running in the open air by the sea is also much better to improve your lung capacity and your endurance. After running for a long time, you can go indulge  in the Chiringuitos (bars on the beach) of La Barceloneta.

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