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    Outside Barcelona

    Find information about wonderful places outside Barcelona. Have a great experience in Catalonia! See our selection of Best Trips Outside Barcelona.

Valencian Cuisine Deluxe

Paella Valenciana featured

When visiting Valencia, you absolutely must try some of the local dishes! One of the most well known Spanish dishes in the world is La Paella. But did you know that it originally comes from Valencia? Many of Valencia’s visitors ask ...

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Daytrip to Andorra

Grandvalira ski resort Andorra

Every year almost 8 million visitors flock to this tiny country located in the heart of the Pyrenees in between Spain and France to experience its great ski resorts, excellent low-tax shopping and spectacular scenery. If you want to find ...

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Festival de Sitges

Festival de Sitges

The international Festival de Sitges is one of the biggest fantasy and horror film festivals around, lasting a total of ten days (Friday Oct 11th – Sunday Oct 20th). The event has been running yearly since 1968 and has attracted many ...

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