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    Eating & Drinking in Barcelona: Restaurants, Tapas-Bars, Bars and much more! Try out the diverse cuisine Barcelona has to offer you!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Traveling around as a vegan can be frustrating and time-consuming; but luckily in Barcelona, you don’t have to worry about finding a nice place to eat. There is a surprising number of restaurants that are 100% vegan, and even more ...

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5 Facts about El Raval neighborhood

Facts about El Raval neighborhood Barcelona-Home

If El Raval neighborhood was a person, we could say that he has two personalities. Indeed, in the North of El Raval, it will be his bright side with the Boqueria Market, the MACBA’S fascinating collections, the Palau Güell and the art shops. On the other hand, in ...

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Best Burger places in Barcelona

Best Burger places in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

While Barcelona has plenty of tapas restaurants, pincho bars and markets full of fresh and colorful produce to prepare at home, sometimes all you really need is a Burger! And while we highly encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of fresh seafood, world-class cheeses, ...

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Best Italian restaurants in Barcelona

Best italian restaurants in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

The Best Italian restaurants in Barcelona If you are looking for the best Italian restaurants in Barcelona, you are in the right place. After trying the typical Catalan gastronomy, we certainly recommend that you take the opportunity to try the ...

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Best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona Barcelona is full of delicious restaurants serving food from all over the world. There’s a lot of vegetarian restaurants serving the most pretty and colorful vegetarian food that you can’t miss. If you’re in Barcelona ...

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Slow babe, I like it Slow!

Slow Barcelona Cocktail Bar

Slow Club Barcelona Slow Barcelona is an intimate and open venue. It consists of a cocktail bar, a club and a private room for workshops, tastings, and events for individuals or companies. Slow is located in the center of the Eixample ...

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Check out the best Irish bars in Barcelona

Best Irish bars Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Ireland’s beloved festivity Saint Patricks’ Day is quickly approaching and certainly the best way to celebrate it is in one of traditional Irish bars! Moreover, the 17th of March is known for being a religiously important day, especially in Ireland as it ...

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The Best Asian restaurants in Barcelona

Nice Asian restaurants in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Asian folks are traveling all over the world, and are bringing their culture with them! For instance, from street food to boutique restaurants, lovers of Asiatic food are well catered for throughout the world. Oriental supermarkets and restaurants can be ...

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