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    Find all information about transport in Barcelona: Airport Transfer, Renting & Driving a Car, Renting & Buying a Scooter, The Metro.

Scooter Rental in Barcelona

Scooter Rental in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Enjoy the great city with the best scooter rental in Barcelona! There are many ways in which to enjoy traveling around Barcelona in the summertime, even if most visits to the city are planned in advance, or limited in some ways. ...

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Monthly scooter rental in Barcelona

Monthly scooter rental in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Stay in Barcelona for a couple of months, without giving up the comfort of riding a motorbike around the city! Certainly, Barcelona is a city where there’s a lot to see and a lot to do; however, with a limited amount ...

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How to use the buses in Barcelona

Using the Buses in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

If you wish to use the buses in Barcelona, in the same way as the metro, they are managed by the company TMB. Fortunately, Barcelona has many bus lines that run throughout the city, and benefit both residents who travel on a ...

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Sant Martí, Barcelona

Sant Martí Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Sant Martí, Barcelona The area of Sant Martí Barcelona is split up into 10 smaller neighbourhoods with each one as diverse as the next. However, they all share a common industrial past and now after new renovations, a prosperous future. The ...

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Trams in Barcelona

Trams in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Let’s discover the Trams in Barcelona. Barcelona’s streetcars can be spotted throughout the city – they are green and white and move at about the same speed as a car. Barcelona’s tramway seems to be less known or used than ...

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Trains in Barcelona

Trains in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Trains in Barcelona Want to visit the surroundings of Barcelona? Don’t wait any longer! Our guide explains everything about trains in Barcelona. With a variety of transportation offered, trains are a great way to get around in and out of the city. ...

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Catching a Taxi in Barcelona

Catching a Taxi in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Catching a Taxi in Barcelona Do you know how to catch a TAXI in Barcelona ? We will tell you the most important information about using taxi services in the city. Also will try to give you some useful tips for using them like a pro. ...

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Cycling in Barcelona

cycling in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Cycling in Barcelona Let’s tour the city by cycling in Barcelona! The city’s bike paths are well marked and separated from the roadway where other vehicles travel. However there are some safety measures to consider when traveling in the city. ...

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Funicular de Montjuic

Funicular de Montjuic - Barcelona Home

Have you ever walked by that secret door in the Paral-lel metro stop and wonder where it goes? Its not a big a mystery as it looks! The funicular is a historical way of transportation that allows you to climb either the ...

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