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    Here you can find information about Music & Events in Barcelona: various Festivals, Cinemas, Concerts an much more!

Guide on Barcelona’s Hottest Clubs

Guida ai migliori locali notturni di BarcellonaBarcelona-Home

If you have arrived in Barcelona, and you are wondering: which club am I going to dance tonight? Don’t worry, this guide on Barcelona hottest clubs is perfect for you! You must know that Barcelona’s nightlife is very amazing, and you will always ...

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Spanish guitar concerts

Spanish guitar concerts Barcelona-Home

The hidden Spanish guitar concerts in Barcelona! As Spain is the birthplace of the Spanish guitar, Barcelona is the perfect place to attend the Spanish guitar concerts. If you are visiting the country, it’s an ideal way to spend an ...

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Saint Patricks Day in Barcelona

Saint Patrick´s Day in Barcelona

This year, Saint Patrick´s Day falls on Thursday, March 17, 2016. Saint Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March 17, the date marked by the death of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s most celebrated patron saint. The festivities surrounding this date specifically commemorate ...

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Mecal Festival Barcelona 2016

Mecal Festival Barcelona 2016

The 18th annual Mecal Festival Barcelona (a major international short and animation film festival) will be celebrated from the 10th of March until the 3rd of April, 2016. Mecal is one of the most important film events in Spain. Films by ...

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Traditions of Semana Santa in Barcelona

Traditions of Semana Santa in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Looking for a place to spend your Easter holidays? Why not Barcelona? Between the Spring in Spain will be celebrating its “Semana Santa” (or “Holy Week” in English). However, it is considered the most religious week of the year for ...

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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress Barcelona-Home

Barcelona once again brings together entrepreneurs and likewise leaders in the mobile communications industry to the Mobile World Congress in February. The annual event is the world’s most renowned mobile industry network, providing new business opportunities and showcasing innovations in mobile related ...

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Santa Eulalia Festival 2016

Santa Eulalia Festival

The Santa Eulalia Festival 2016 is one of the biggest annual festivals of Barcelona. The festival is especially amazing to attend with your younger ones, because it is actually a festival meant for children. There will be more than one hundred activities, including shows, ...

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Barcelona Carnival 2016

Barcelona Carnival

Carnival is celebrated all over the world, and Barcelona is not one to lag behind. Barcelona, like many other large Christian cities in Europe, celebrates Carnival on the last week before Lent. In 2016, the festival will be held from ...

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