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Fall Season in Barcelona – Things To Do

Fall season is perhaps one of the most undervalued times of the year in Barcelona. The weather cools to more comfortable temperature range of 18-25ºC, the Mediterranean Sea is at its warmest (averaging 22ºC), the overwhelming crowds of tourists begin to die down and the ‘true’ Barcelona emerges.

Visiting Barcelona in fall will give you a far more authentic experience of the city and there is certainly not a shortage of things to do! Autumn in Barcelona is characterised by an abundance of food, wine and cultural events and the slightly ‘colder’ temperatures, combined with the lack of tourists, make it the perfect time of year to go sightseeing!

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Food and Wine


Towards the end of October, you will begin to notice stalls popping up on nearly every street corner selling traditional chestnuts roasting over an open fire. So be sure to stop by and try some to get yourself in the mood for La Castanyada festival (the chestnut festival)! (See below).

Mushroom Foraging

As all foodies will know, the arrival of fall in Catalonia also indicates the start of mushroom season – a staple in Catalan cuisine. There are numerous varieties to be found across the mountains and woodlands of Catalonia so why not take a day trip to a nearby area and join in the prized tradition!

Moscatel Sweet Wine

Autumn in Barcelona attracts a large number of wine lovers from across the world to sample some of the finest varieties going at the various wine festivals that take place during October. However, the wine that really encapsulates Barcelona in the fall has to be the Moscatel Sweet Wine, so be sure to grab a glass!

Festivals and National Holidays

La Mercè – Late September

Quite possibly the most important event on Barcelona’s September event calendar. This traditional Catalan festival is a 5 -day street party which features fireworks, concerts, parades and the infamous fire run in honour of the city’s patron saint. It is all completely free so it should definitely be at the top of your bucket list!

La Castanyada – 31st October, 1st November

La Castanyada (Chestnut Festival) another very tradition Catalan festival, that begins on Halloween and celebrates All Saints Day (November 1st). People traditionally eat chestnuts, panellets – small balls of almond paste coated in pine nuts, sweet potatoes and other traditional autumnal delicacies. So be sure to grab a bag of roasted chestnuts, a glass of Moscatel and soak up the carnival atmosphere that takes over the streets at night!

Hiking Trips

Why not also take advantage of the more temperate weather conditions and visit one of these fantastic destinations and follow one of their hiking trails.


La Serralada de Montserrat, translated literally as “sawed mountain”, is a 1200m high mountain with multiple peaks and is only an hour’s car ride away! The moutain is also famous for the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey that is located near the mountain peak which is stunningly beautiful! There are 3 different hiking paths to choose from between 1-2 hours long with varing difficulties so there will be something for suitable for everyone!

Tibidabo Mountain

Tibidabo is a gorgeous mountain overlooking the city of Barcelona. The mountain is home not only to some great hiking trails but the famous Roman Catholic church that can be seen through the whole city and PARC DEL TIBIDABO, one of the oldest amusement parks of Europe, which opened in 1905 – so it is well worth a visit! There are several hiking trails available on the mountain, with an average time of roughly 3 hours and a difficulty level of easy.

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