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Cambrils Costa Dorada
The coastal city of Cambrils

Cambrils – Costa Dorada

Cambrils is a coastal city located in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia in Spain. The city is close to the vacation resort SALOU, just 120 kilometers from Barcelona and about 90 km from Sitges.Nowadays, Cambrils is very popular among both Spanish and international tourists alike, who come to enjoy the famous beaches, the wonderful architecture and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. It´s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous city. If you are planning to visit Cambrils, we can help you find ACCOMMODATION IN BARCELONA or ACCOMMODATION IN SITGES.

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History of Cambrils

The history of Cambrils dates back to prehistoric times. Many relics from each era of its long history can still be found all around the town. There are several buildings from the Roman age, most important of which is the Roman Villa of Llosa. The history of Cambrils is quite similar to that of nearby TARRAGONA. During the Civil War between 1936 and 1939, the city was bombarded by the Italians, forcing the locals to build air-raid shelters in what is currently known as the historical center of the city. These can still be visited today. The two main industries that have traditionally characterized Cambrils are fishing and agriculture, but nowadays tourism is the main economic driving force of the city.

Activities in Cambrils 

As in all coastal towns, the most popular activity in Cambrils is spending the entire day enjoying the sunshine on one of the many wonderful beaches in Cambrils. Cambrils boasts a spectacular 9 kilometers of golden sand, providing plenty of variety for you to choose the perfect place to relax with your family and friends. All beaches in Cambrils come with a blue flag, an award for cleanliness given out by the European Union, as well as an ideal topography that makes the waters safe for children to play in. We recommend visiting Platja del Regueral, which is 1200 meters long and about 80 meters wide. It’s one of the most characteristic beaches of the area, with golden, fine and very clean sand. The shallow waters make it perfect for families. The beach also offers a wide range of water sports for the brave ones out there, along with several shops, bars, beach bars, restaurants, lounge chairs and hammocks for those who prefer to relax.

Cambrils is also extremely popular among cyclists, as the city guarantees services adapted to those who practice this sport in a group. Advantages for cyclists include accomm0dodation with parking for bikes, workshops and spaces in which to clean bikes, menus adapted for cyclists, etc. Moreover, the town provides a huge range of routes for all the levels (for beginners as well as professional cyclists) with gorgeous landscapes. In total, there are around 10 itineraries, all of which come highly recommended.

For those who wants to learn more about the city and its history, there are several monuments and places you simply cannot miss. Santa María Church is one of our favorite monuments in Cambrils, characterized by a mix of three styles (Renaissance, Baroque and Noe-Gothic). Located in the old district of «Vila» (which in Catalan means: City), the church has been there since Medieval times. We also recommend Sama Park, a small palace accompanied with a romantic garden, which was declared a historical garden in 1992. It was created by the architect Josep Fontseré and Mestre, with the help of Antoni Gaudí. This is a site truly worth seeing!

And, of course, you also have to visit the harbor of Cambrils to fully understand the importance of this harbor as the former center of the city´s economy. We recommend going in the morning to buy fresh fish and to cook it for lunch in your own APARTMENT IN BARCELONA or the surrounding area. What a fantastic way to feel like a local!

How to get there

  • By car: Get on the B-20/C-32 from Carrer d’Aragó, C-31 and take Exit 195A. Follow C-32 and E-15/AP-7 to T3-312 in Cambrils. Then take exit 37 from E-15/AP-7. Continue on T-312. Take N-340, Passeig Sant Joan Baptista la Salle and Rambla de Jaume 1 to Carrer Pau Casals. It will take around 1h30 to reach Cambrils from Barcelona city center.
  • By bus: There are buses from Barcelona to Cambrils, the starting hour is 9.10 a.m and they run until 11.55 p.m. It will take around 2h15. For one way, the price is 14€95 per person and 27€ for a round-trip.
  • By train: To reach Cambrils by train, you have the choice to choose the train from Barcelona Sants. The first train leaves at 9.30a.m and the last one at 5.00p.m. It takes around 1h15 and costs between 9€ and 15€.
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