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Fall Season in Barcelona

Fall Season in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Things to do during the Fall season in Barcelona Fall season is perhaps one of the most undervalued times of the year in Barcelona. Moreover, the weather cools to more comfortable temperature range of 18-25ºC; the Mediterranean Sea is at its warmest (averaging 22ºC); the overwhelming crowds of ...

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5 Facts about El Raval neighborhood

Facts about El Raval neighborhood Barcelona-Home

If El Raval neighborhood was a person, we could say that he has two personalities. Indeed, in the North of El Raval, it will be his bright side with the Boqueria Market, the MACBA’S fascinating collections, the Palau Güell and the art shops. On the other hand, in ...

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Spanish guitar concerts

Spanish guitar concerts Barcelona-Home

The hidden Spanish guitar concerts in Barcelona! As Spain is the birthplace of the Spanish guitar, Barcelona is the perfect place to attend the Spanish guitar concerts. If you are visiting the country, it’s an ideal way to spend an ...

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La Modelo prison opens to the public

La Modelo prison opens to the public Barcelona-Home

La Modelo Prison is now open for public viewing! La Modelo is the name given to Barcelona’s men’s prison, more formally known as El Centre Penitenciary d’Homes Barcelona. The doors were opened to the public on January 21st with the ...

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The Secrets of Barcelona’s Underground

The secrets of Barcelona's underground- Barccelona Home

The Secrets of Barcelona’s Underground When in Barcelona, everyone knows that visiting SAGRADA FAMILIA, PARK GÜELL or the MARKET OF LA BOQUERÍA is a must… But let’s discover The secrets of Barcelona’s underground ! Did you know that under the narrow ...

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Traditions of Semana Santa in Barcelona

Traditions of Semana Santa in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Looking for a place to spend your Easter holidays? Why not Barcelona? Between the Spring in Spain will be celebrating its “Semana Santa” (or “Holy Week” in English). However, it is considered the most religious week of the year for ...

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La Noche de los Museos

La Noche de los Museos

In Europe there is a tradition to celebrate the nocturnal cultural events. In Saint Petersburg around the midnight sun of the summer, during the last weeks of June, the night completely unifies the sunset with the sunrise. Being one of ...

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Sant Jordi’s Day

Sant Jordi's Day Barcelona-Home

The day has almost come! The day of Sant Jordi, which we celebrate on April 23rd. This day is also known as the Feast (or festival) of Saint George. In Catalonia it is called Sant Jordi because this is the ...

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