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    All activities you can think of doing in the amazing city of Barcelona.

Sónar festival Barcelona

sonar festival

Barcelona’s 26st International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art, Sónar, will be held from the 18th until the 20th July 2019. At the Sónar festival your ears will be pleased with the sounds of the newest electronic music ...

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The Miracle Light Shopping Night Barcelona

The Shopping Night Barcelona 2015 is a magical shopping night characterized by William Shakespeare

Anna Wintour has been committed since the nineties in that fashion becomes one of the channels of mass entertainment, in the new pop, you could say. Two of the most ingenious instruments that he has devised to achieve such a ...

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Gava – Catalan Coast and Heritage


The story of Gava begins six thousand years ago, during a time in which humans were just starting to cultivate the land to survive. The mines of Gava are some of the oldest on the continent. They were explored for ...

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Best Places for Movie Lovers

Tibidabo – A Magical Spot above Barcelona (16)

If you’re a movie freak, you’ll love Barcelona, because this city has plenty of things to offer for you! With lots of themed bars, restaurants, and of course the world-renowned landmarks, the city has been a favorite shooting location for several directors. So if ...

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Best places to experience Barcelona

Where to stay in LA costa brava

Barcelona offers a lot of different activities all around the city. Parties, museums, and tours, there is everything you need to enjoy a great stay in the beautiful catalan capital. The number of things happening in Barcelona is endless and ...

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Outdoor Dining Made Easy With Picnic! Picnic!

Picnics in Barcelona

Let’s set some scenes…. A Romantic Proposal… You are going to propose to your significant other. You are both sitting under a cherry blossom tree as the sun beams down on your delectable, hand selected picnic, providing the perfect ambiance ...

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Itinerary for Animal Lovers

farmto table(3)

You might have already noticed that Barcelona is filled with dogs! There’s not a single place without a dog, and you will always meet one, wherever you go! Great right?  This city is one of the most advanced in regards ...

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Best Festivals in Barcelona


Every year many different kinds of festivals are hosted in Barcelona. From huge weekend festivals to open-air film festivals, you can choose from the wide offer of spectacular events. We would like to recommend you some of our favourite festivals for you to ...

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Winter Guide: Ice skating in Barcelona


Where to ice skating in Barcelona? This is what you may be asking if you know that in Barcelona it is never freezing. Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to do this wonderful winter sport in the city during this ...

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Holiday weekend Itinerary in Barcelona

Barcelona (1)

If you find yourself a weekend in Barcelona during the holiday season there is more then enough to do and we would love to give you our recommendations. Barcelona is not only filled with beautiful monuments to visit but also ...

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Amazing Creative Workshops in Barcelona


Make your own piece of art in the city with Amazing CreARTive Workshops in Barcelona. Gaudí, Picasso, Miró…  All of us knows these names. Could you imagine to be for a while one of them? Obviously, you can be! In Barcelona, it ...

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The ultimate guys trip to Barcelona

ultimate guys trip to barcelona

Planning a guys trip to Barcelona? There are so many options and things to see in Barcelona! If you have a hard time to decide what to do, then we’re pleased to help you. We collected all our recommendations for ...

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Make your own cava in Barcelona

Make your own cava in Barcelona

Only 50 minutes away from Barcelona you will find the first cava cellar in Spain where visitors can participate in the process of making cava. This experience was started in 2004 by two young entrepreneurs both from families within the tradition of wine making.

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