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sant montjuic Neighbourhood

Sants-Montjuic neighbourhood

Why Sants-Montjuic?

Sants-Montjuïc is actually two districts, with Sants being a very typically Catalan residential area and Montjuïc being the big hill that dominates Barcelona’s skyline.

Sants is largely residential and mostly populated by Catalans, originally built to house the working families of the surrounding industry. It now provides apartments in Barcelona for middle-class families and has grown to be a desirable area for native Barceloneces. The area isn’t as “pretty” as other barrios in Barcelona. But it has its charm, easy to navigate, very well connected by the metro and filled with stores and great places to eat. Sants is home to the largest train and metro station in all of Barcelona. The Estacio de Sants, which is where the highspeed AVE train to Madrid departs from, along with regional trains that will take you to El Prat airport, Lleida, Tarragona and many other destinations. Montjuïc is filled with things to see so be prepared to spend at least an entire day here.

Sants-Montjuic neighbourhood

Sights in Sants-Montjuic

Sants-Montjuic neighbourhoods have plenty of things to see, nearly no matter where your interests lie. Montjuïc is home to many of the 1992 Olympic venues and a museum about the event. Furthermore, it is home to two art museums, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) and the Fundació Joan Miró. Montjuïc is also where you will find the Castell de Montjuïc, the old fort of Montjuïc. Montjuic is also home to the wonderful Poble Espanyol (Spanish village), which has a number of full-scale models of buildings from the different regions of Spain, including 40 different craftsmen’s workshops. Poble Espanyol is home to one of Spains last 2 traditional glassblowing furnaces.

For the botanically interested, there is the large Jardì Botànic (botanic gardens); way up the hill, the Laribal Gardens, and the amazing Jardins Mossèn Costa i Llobera. The Jardins Mossèn Costa i Llobera is filled with cacti of every sort, creating an amazing mix of colours! The biggest “sight” in Sants is by far the “Festa Major” festival in August. When the whole neighbourhood changes and becomes a big festival area with decorations, music venues and a great atmosphere. Some may even claim that the Festa Major de Sants is even better than the more renowned Festa Major de Gràcia. In Sants, you will find the beautiful Parc de l’Espanya Industrial with the big artificial lake in the middle. This park is very different but still extremely compelling and beautiful, with stone structures and iron dragons.

Eating out in Sants-Montjuic

Both Montjuïc and Sants offer a wide variety of great restaurants, some more expensive than others. The best of the best can be found at the restaurant of the 5 star Miramar hotel located on the eastern side of Montjuïc. Another great, but also expensive, the restaurant is the El Xalet. But be aware, they value quality over quantity. So don’t come here if you usually eat big! Sants is also the place to look if you like Italian and Mexican cuisine. An Italian restaurant you have to visit is the La Briciola on Carrer d’ Olzinelles which serves great Italian food at more than reasonable prices. If you need a place to bring a date, look for Blau on Carrer de Tenor Masini, a small intimate and cosy place.

Drinking & clubbing in Sants-Montjuic

If you find yourself in Sants and fancy a drink, head over to the Plaça d’Osca. The new hotspot in Sants where you will find plenty of bars and open-air cafés. On Montjïc, you will find the occasional bar or cerveceria as you make your way up and down the curvy roads. As you might have guessed there aren’t many clubs on Montjuïc, but Sants is home to the huge club Privilege, the Barcelona equivalent of the Ibiza mega house. Privilege is mainly a house music venue.

Shopping in Sants-Montjuic

The new shopping mall “Las Arenas” located in an old bullfighting stadium, hence the name Las Arenas (the arena). The stadium had been out of use for many years before it was rebuilt into a mall. As bullfighting’s popularity had been declining for many decades before it was finally outlawed in Catalunya in 2008.

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