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Maritime Museum Barcelona

About Maritime Museum Barcelona

The Maritime Museum Barcelona is certainly a great place full of history and hidden treasures for all you land lubbers. The museum is in Las Reales Atarazanes; the old royal shipyard where they repaired and further built the grand ships of 16th century onwards. In addition, the gothic-style building has recently been renovated and is worth a look just for the architecture alone. The building contains many replica ships on display, for instance; and some of which are full-sized.

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Moreover, the Maritime Museum gives an amazing insight into the maritime history of Barcelona and its port. In the same vein, a visit to the museum is best accompanied by a trip to see the Colon statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus followed by a walk along Port Vell.


The Museu Marítim de Barcelona is a space where Catalan maritime culture further conglomerates in a participatory and close manner; through research, conservation and safeguarding of heritage. However, this Museum seeks to excel in heritage management, the creation of knowledge and education; with the mission of acting as a promoter of social and territorial progress in its environment.

The museum exhibits are further in the categories of collections, temporary and virtual. For instance, they go from unique maritime art, boat replicas, collections and vintage photos from Barcelona; you can enjoy and immerse yourself in the maritime culture of Catalonia.

Most importanly, one of the highlights of the whole museum is the full-sized replica of Juan de Austria’s Galley from the 16 century where you can walk onto the ship and view a short 3D film showing the harsh reality of life on board. Parked outside in the port you can also see the restored Santa Eulàlia vessel; which was built in 1919 and used as a merchant ship.

Activities & services

In addition to the incredible collections of art and replicas that the museum contains, they have a activities and participation wing. From contests, courses, book clubs, concerts, and more; in the same vein, the museum extends a didactic and educational hand to you!

Maritime Museum Barcelona Barcelona-Home

In the other hand, the Maritim Museum of Barcelona has a store, café, restaurant and even lockers in the entrance area. The building is wheelchair-accessible and has an elevator for accessing the Espai Mirador.

Practical information

Opening hours

Moreover, their schedules and opening working hours goes from:

  • Monday to Sunday: 10:00 to 20:00 (access permitted until 19:00)
  • Sundays: after 15:00 you can count with free entry
  • The Museum closes on December 25 and 26, and January 1 and 6
  • December 24 and 31 the museum closes on 15:00

Most importanly, for visitations and tours, the museum has adopted certain measures for the Covid-19 situation; for more information visit its website.

  • To access the MMB facilities such as the Library, Archive & General Registry; the public must make a prior appointment [email protected]


The prices range for the museum entry and the Paleibot Santa Eulàlia goes from:

  • Adults €10
  • Concessions €5
  • Groups €8
  • Free admission Sundays from 15:00
  • The exhibits in the entrance hall and the Espai Mirador are free of charge

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for any further questions about visits, buy tickets and free hours at the Museum of Barcelona contact directly on 93 342 99 20. However, the Tickets have to be purchased physically at the Museum box office; given that online ticket sales are not available.

How to get to the museum

  • Address: Disseny Avinguda de les Drassanes, s/n 08001 Barcelona, Spain
  • Transport: Metro – L3/L2 Drassanes & Paralel | By Bus – 14, 18, 36, 38, 57, 59, 64, 91
  • ParkingDrassanes Parking Garage (Carrer Portal de Santa Madrona, 10) / Moll de la Fusta Parking Garage (Passeig Colom, 23)

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